Kiwidrug Reviews: A Fraudulent Online Pharmacy Review

Overview is an international recognized online drug store that provides some of the most used medication and products in the health sector today. This site has the most efficient professional team from customer care to qualified doctors. This online pharmacy contains a successful chain of online drug stores some in Canada, India, and Australia while others are in New Zealand, USA and the United Kingdom. This accredited online pharmacy has over the years provided effective medication that works on a patient’s condition with minimal side effects as possible. By clicking on the search box icon on this site’s web page, you can look for any kind of medicine that you need. This internet drug store provides a vast range of medication meant to relief pain, to work on allergies and other conditions. This site has a motto which clearly says that ‘Your health-our responsibility. This has been acting as insurance to the many customers who frequent this site.

Customer Review

It has been noted that this site might not be as loyal as it seems for a number of customers had a bad report to present.

One client ordered for medication which arrived promptly. However, the drugs in the package were not of good quality. The shape and the physical aspect of the drugs were questionable and this made him not to trust is. He made comparisons with some of the pills that he had left and he proved that for sure it was not the same medication he had been used to. For one,he felt that his health had been put in danger by this online pharmacy and after contacting the customer care desk he still did not receive any assistance.Since that time he vowed never to have dealings with this site again.
Customers have been warned not to order medication from this site after discovered that this site might not be legitimate after all. It urged customers not to rush when making a purchasing decision for they may end up losing somuch.According to Scamadviser this site has received the lowest score ever thus conducting business with it can be very risky. Customers have been advised to keep off this site and not to reveal any of their personal information especially about money because it can lead to credit card fraud.LegitScript reviewed this internet pharmacy and it was verified that it operated without the required internet pharmacy standards. All the information provided show that this is a site to avoid completely.


This site seems popular among a lot of online users but its reputation has been truly questionable. The reviews about it not being legitimate make it an untrustworthy site that customers should not even contemplate conducting business with. All these reviews can make customers lack faith in everything that the site is offering no matter how good this site claims to be. It is quite unprofessional for this site to provide unreliable information about it which has been leading customers astray. This site should therefore be banned until that time it meets all the required health standards. It receives a rating of 2 out of 5.

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