Kamagrauk.com Reviews: Lose Money when Using this Rogue Pharmacy

Kamagrauk.com Review
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This is an online pharmacy that mainly provides kamagra treatment medication. Kamagra is a medication that helps with impotency issues in men. It is imported from India and produces the same effects as the Viagra pill only it costs less. The colour is also different from that of the Viagra pill. Free delivery is guaranteed on all orders therefore consumers should not worry about paying the extra money for delivery. Means of payment for purchased goods is simple as you only need to pay using a VISA card. Almost all credit cards use VISA thus it is available in most countries. They provide a customer care service that is friendly and eager to answer any queries their customers may have. Their systems are very secure so there need not be any worry about unauthorised access to personal and financial. The customer’s privacy has been guaranteed. The website also provides return policy on all damaged or lost goods. Customers get their money back within 30 days after purchase if they will not have received their products.

Kamagrauk.com Reviews

This consumer reviews are negative showing the website is not legit. One of the negative was from a man who conducted a search of the website through legitscript.com to find out how legit the website really is. He found the website to have been listed ROGUE. This usually means either the website is violating federal or state laws, FDA approval rules and regulation or involved in fraudulent activities. Another customer wrote in capital letters “DO NOT USE THIS SITE. IT’S A SCAM. YOU PAY BUT RECEIVES NO GOOD. NO EMAILS WILL BE ANSWERED AND THE PHONE NUMBERS JUST A RECORDED MESSAGE”. This shows the severity of the situation. This person used his own hard earned money to purchase product that never reached him causing him to be very bitter. Another scammed consumer said the site was a credit scam. He ordered products that the website declined but upon giving his credit card number, the declined products were charged on his credit card. When he e contacted the company, they said he had ordered the goods. He never received the “goods” he ordered. He adds that the website looks genuine from UK but all their calls come from an international number which is suspicious. People should stay away from this site.

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There are some great deals offered by the website. For instance, 48 kamagra pills are being sold at £55.95. They give an additional 12 pills free of charge. Also, they offer a combination of 24 kamagra pill and 20 kamagra jelly for £59.99. These are great offers that can help consumers save a lot of money. Their free shipping on all orders is also a great way for customers to save their money. This way, they do not have to worry about the extra cost for getting their products home safely and on time. The website could however use a few special deals if they are interested in attracting more clientele. They could advertise those special deals on social media and networks. They could offer discount charges to their current customers for referring them to family and friends. This way, the website gains more clientele while saving their clients some money.


The website is new as it has been running for less than a year. New websites need to be checked out thoroughly for any suspicious behaviour in order not to get scammed. The website owner hides his identity in an anonymous service. As this could mean the owner is preventing spam mail from accumulating his inbox, it could also mean the owner is a con artist out to rip off people and get away with it without being traced. The website was given a low trust score by scamadviser.com of 10%. Such a low score means the website is very risky to use and people taking that risk should consider themselves warned. The website gets 1 star.

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