INTAGRA 100mg Tablet Intas Reviews: Sildenafil-Based Brand not Approved by Customers

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Intagra is one of the many generic medicines used to address the issue of erectile dysfunction. It is a brand label from a pharmaceutical firm in India called Intas Ltd. The problem of erectile dysfunction is so common these days among men that it’s no longer a taboo topic. The wider availability of brand as well as generic meds is one reason behind this change in mentality.

A man experiences erectile dysfunction because of the rapid release of the Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) enzyme and the subsequent degradation of the cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP). The Sildenafil Citrate contained in Intagra inhibits the release of PDE5 and stops the cyclic degeneration and improves its production in the blood. This action leads to an increased blood flow in the vessels found in the penis. When combined with sexual excitement, the muscles in the penis become erect.

Intagra is a product of Intas Ltd., a pharmaceutical operating out of India, with an international presence. It formulates, develops, manufactures and markets medicines. It also works in the area of Biotechnology and research and develops medicines for curing chronic diseases like cancer, rheumatism, the auto-immune disease, and ophthalmological medicines and plasma-derived product-based therapies.

Customer Reviews

Users who have personally used a medicine are in the best position to give an unbiased opinion about how good or bad they have found it to be. Potential buyers who check this information before making a purchase are in a better position to decide whether to buy a particular medicine or not. Intagra does not have customer reviews online which means that no one has tried it yet. Thus, Labels accompanying generic medicines are guidelines, and customer reviews are a way to triangulate this information. Since Intagra lacks in this kind of information, its actual effectiveness and side effects are yet to be established. Potential customers shouldn’t buy these kinds of medicines as they can prove to be either ineffectual or even potentially harmful. Since there are other medicines containing Sildenafil Citrate that have better reviews, you are advised to opt for them instead of Intagra in consideration of your own health and safety.

Pricing and Dosage

Intagra is widely available on the web and its standard price is $3.32 per pill. One pack contains 4 tablets. At some sites, it costs much more than that but this is the minimum amount you can expect to pay for Intagra.

Intagra Pricing

Intagra Pricing

Intagra is available in the formulation of 100 mg right now. There used to be 25 and 50 mg formula too but they are not available right now in stores. One 100 mg tablet can be consumed as per need and that’s the maximum dose for a day.

How to Buy INTAGRA Online

Since there are many online pharmacies selling Intagra, its availability is not an issue, though there is a slight price differentiation issue. There is a minimum ordering requirement at some sites. These sellers are willing to ship Intagra internationally as well. A prescription is not required by these sellers when an order is placed.

How to Use

Intagra comes as a cream-colored, diamond-shaped pill, with its potency mentioned on one side. It should be taken with plain water only, and not with alcohol or any kind of juice, especially grapefruit juice. A patient can take it an hour earlier than having sex, though it would be effective up to four hours once taken. It should be taken on as per need basis and not daily anyways. Patients who are using any form of heart medication or antifungal medicines shouldn’t use Intagra.

Side Effects

Since Intagra contains Sildenafil, it is not without side effects, though not everyone is going to experience them. Negligible side effects such as a headache, wooziness, clogged nasal passage, dyspepsia and redness in the face. However, if anyone experiences any issue like hearing impairment, inability to distinguish between colors, light sensitivity, and a painful erection that has persisted for more than four hours, he should consider them serious and go to a hospital immediately.

Conclusion with Rating

Intagra is a medicine that has been developed by an Indian pharmaceutical called Intas Ltd. for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in males. Sildenafil Citrate is found in Intagra and it selectively inhibits an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5, which allows the smooth corpus cavernosum muscle to relax and harden enough for penetration during sex. Though Intagra is easily available online, there are curiously no consumers who have written their experiences of using this medicine. While this scarcity doesn’t make Intagra ineffective, it does raise a question about the extent of its efficacy and as well as side effects. Although Intas Ltd. has a proven reputation as well as international presence, the dearth of reviews related to Intagra stands as an issue still. Two of its strength formulations are no longer available at online pharmacies; they may have been discontinued by the pharmaceutical company due to their infectivity or by the pharmacies themselves due to lack of demand. This is also a point to consider while considering Intagra as a treatment route for one’s erectile dysfunction. It makes sense thus to rate it 2 on a five-point scale. While one will not dismiss Intagra entirely, the users are still recommended to go for other generic drugs that consumers have mentioned positively in their reviews.

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