Humanapharmacy Reviews – Order Prescriptions Through the Android App, No Promo Codes and Bad Customer Reviews are a Big Worry

This is an online pharmacy and prescription provider that aims of a better and healthier society. The website seems dedicated to their efforts in providing their customers with the best pharmacy delivery services and hence claims to have been awarded the best service provider according to a survey.

You can order your desired products from this online pharmacy but for that, you have to first sign up at the website and log in to add the items to the cart. The wide range of products at this pharmacy will have almost all your medical needs covered in a much efficient way.

Not only first time prescriptions, if you want to refill a certain prescription, you can fill in the form with your desired prescription without having to sign in. It is especially designed for customers to facilitate them when they are in certain urgencies.

One of the notable features of this website is it layout. It has both good and bad sides and we will put light on both of them here. Firstly, visitors who land on the page as guests cannot see the range of medical products directly. They first have to sign in ultimately having to register at the website. This is one reason that many customers might have opted to choose another website for their prescription needs.

The good thing about this website is its design. It is well managed and the homepage has good enough information to intrigue new visitors. The color scheme and navigation seems user friendly so the visitors should have a good time at the website.

Just like the information regarding prescriptions, payment methods and shipping procedure can be learnt about in detail once the users sign up. However, there is necessary information mentioned beforehand. Order can be placed through the website as well as the Android App for this website. Reviews

The density of good and positive reviews for this website is almost zero. There are quite a few customer reviews for this website and they are too negative and suggest that this website hasn’t been performing up to the expectations of the customers too well. Reviews

One of the rare positive reviews that we could find about this website is mentioned below. It is probably the only indication about some of the positive things about this online pharmacy. The customers said that they have always had a good time with this website and haven’t faced any troubles so far.

The following customer complained that he didn’t like the payment system as one of his prescriptions was held just because of that. Reviews1

The review section is not overwhelmingly positive for this website and there is hardly anything to talk about in its favor. Reviews 2016

The story isn’t too different for the year 2016. In fact, it has become even worse and there are more complaints mounting up for this website all the time. Reviews 2016

The following review seems like a good summary of how the website has been performing the customer complained about the support staff saying that they were untrained. He also said that it is not all that was to order the products online. Reviews 20161

The following customer seemed really angry with the amount of emails and notifications he receives through the internet and paper mail. He suggested in a polite tone that he was quite fed up of paper mails that he has been receiving from this company.

The review section for this website doesn’t have anything positive and suggests how in efficient the services of this company might be. Hence, it is not the best idea to order prescriptions from this online store unless the customers are willing to risk their time and money. Coupon Codes

As far as coupon codes are concerned, we couldn’t find any discount offers or codes for now. Customers may have to turn up at the website later. However, they might get free newsletters and updates from the website.

Conclusion is a questionable online pharmacy. Its claims of being an awarded customer service provider, is subjected to interrogation because there are no positive customer reviews. A lot of complaints particularly point to poor customer services. Although it claims of providing top quality customer services, the reviews and feedback from the visitors and customers doesn’t really suggest that such claims are true. It is therefore suggested that the customers are better off avoiding this website. It gets a rating of 2 out of 5 for its services and performance as an online store.

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