How Does Levitra Work? All About Levitra

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Men struggling with erectile dysfunction, or ED, are commonly faced with the challenge of choosing the right kind of ED medication. Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man cannot keep a firm erection during sexual intercourse or cannot achieve an erection once sexually stimulated. You are not alone if you are faced with this sexual problem. More than one third of the men around the world have been afflicted with this complication at least once in their lifetime. However, this is a sexual problem that can be treated.

Depending on your circumstances, a doctor can treat ED with a variety of medications, as well as diet and exercise. Levitra is a common medication doctors prescribe for men struggling with ED. However, you must first consult with a physician to find the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction.

Psychological problems

Psychological problems

ED can be caused by a variety of physical or psychological problems. A lot of men with heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, high-blood pressure, high cholesterol, nerve damage and other physical problems eventually encounter erectile dysfunction.

Some psychological problems can be the cause of erectile dysfunction. Many men that are depressed, under a lot of pressure or stress, struggle with anxiety or feel guilty for some reason or another, find themselves coping with ED. Do not be ashamed to admit that you have this sexual complication. Consult with a physician and find the best treatment for your situation.

Once a doctor has determined that you are physically able to take Levitra, you will find that this product will help you return to a normal sex life with your partner. Maintaining a sufficient sex life has been shown to make couples happier and more satisfied with their life. Levitra can stimulate your sex life as you recover from the underlying cause of your erectile dysfunction. However, there are some things you need to be aware of after being prescribed Levitra.

Levitra uses Vardenafil as one of its main ingredients. This chemical inhibits PDE5, which plays a role in causing erectile dysfunction. By limiting PDE5, your body can use what is called cGMP to help inflate the blood vessels in the penis, which is required for an erection. As the blood vessels in your penis inflate, the blood flow to the penis increases, creating an erection that can last through sexual intercourse and to ejaculation.



You can only take one Levitra tablet within a 24-hour period, once taken, this ED medication can last up to five hours after ingestion. If you plan on sexual intercourse, you must take Levitra a minimum of 30 minutes before sexual activity. This ED medication comes in dosages of 2.5, 5, 10 and 20 milligram tablets. Comparing this dosage to Viagra, a 20 mg tablet of Levitra is equal to a 100 mg tablet of Viagra. Taking Levitra will also produce effects that last five hours after ingestion, compared to the four hours received from Viagra.

Many men with diabetes and high-blood pressure have been prescribed Levitra instead of the other ED medications, because Levitra has worked in situations where the other ED medications have not. According to several medical researchers, Levitra does not negatively impact men with high-blood pressure and diabetes the same way the other ED medications do. This is good news for people struggling with these two medical problems, who still want help with their erectile dysfunction.

Another advantage for men taking Levitra is the dietary component. Unlike Viagra and Cialis, Levitra has been shown to be just as effective for men on any kind of diet. Even though it is highly recommended that any man taking Levitra keeps up a well-balanced diet, especially a low-fat diet, it is not really necessary, unless the man is struggling with another medical problem.

Like most medications prescribed for medical problems, Levitra has some side effects that men must be aware of while taking this ED medication. According to the clinical trials, approximately 3% of the men taking Levitra have developed one of the these side effects. A majority of the men taking this ED medication do not experience any of these side effects. However, it is best to be aware of possible side effects, to rule out the possibility of a more serious condition.

  • Some of the most common side effects of Levitra are sweating, dizziness, flushing of the face and chest, headaches, upset stomach, nausea, runny or stuffy nose and heartburn. Again, only 3% of the men prescribed Levitra have experienced any of these side effects. The most common side effect experienced by men taking this ED medication was flushing of the face and chest, as well as headaches.

  • In very rare occasions, men taking Levitra have experienced more severe symptoms. If you do experience any one of these severe symptoms while taking this ED medication, you must seek medical attention immediately. These side effects include an erection lasting more than four hours, an allergic reaction to Levitra (such as a rash, itching or hives), breathing difficulties, feeling a tightness in your chest, irregular heart beat, chest pain, severe back pain, pain in your muscles, vision or hearing problems, vomiting, arms or legs becoming numb or any other unexplained physical problems.

  • As the body gets used to taking Levitra, most men have found the common side effects from this drug subsiding, but it is important to consult with a physician as soon as possible if any of the more severe side effects develop. Some of the more severe side effects can be symptoms of a more serious medical problems, other than erectile dysfunction.


One thing most men prescribed Levitra find out quickly, is the price of this name-brand medication. However, many reputable online pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers make a generic equivalent of Levitra, that is offered at a reduced cost. Some men have found online pharmacies that can save them as much as 70% from the cost of the name-brand Levitra. One thing to remember is that generic Levitra must have the same chemical make up as its name-brand counterpart. No legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturer wants to lose their ability to sell the generic Levitra by not following the laws that regulate the production of generic drugs.

Vardenafil Cipla

Vardenafil Cipla

There are some things you need to look for in an online pharmacy before purchasing generic Levitra, or any other medication. Look for an online pharmacy that only sells drugs from a well-known pharmaceutical manufacturer, such as Cipla Ltd. Reputable online pharmacies will also have consultants customers can call to inquire about any medications or to ask any questions you have about their pharmacy.

Look for online pharmacies that offer guaranteed shipping and money-back guarantees, if you find their service unsatisfactory. Reputable online pharmacies will go out of their way to make sure that your personal privacy is kept private. Review the online pharmacy’s website and locate their policies. In those policies, the pharmacies will tell you what online security system they utilize, as well as their other policies about payment methods, shipping procedures, cancellation policies and their privacy policy.

Never buy from an online pharmacy that does not have authentic contact information. Legitimate online pharmacies have secured websites where you can make your purchase with the confidence knowing that your billing information will not be compromised.

Once you have found a good online pharmacy, you can buy all types of medications online in confidence or reorder your required prescriptions. Not only do these reputable online pharmacies allow you to order medications, such as Levitra, from the privacy of your home, thanks to their collection of generic medications, they can also save you a great deal of money as well.