HONYGRA 120mg Tablet Sildenafil Review: It’s Hard To Trust This Bennet Pharma Drug with No Reviews

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There are a plethora of generic treatments available in the market for the management of erectile dysfunction. One of these products is Honygra, which is manufactured by the company Bennett Pharmaceuticals Ltd in India. Honygra contains the potent active ingredient, Sildenafil Citrate, which is the one responsible for the reinstatement of erectile response in patients with impotence symptoms.

The Sildenafil Citrate part of Honygra is classified as a PDE5 inhibitor (phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor), which prevents the PDE5 enzyme from destroying the chemical signal mediating the erection in patients. This ensures the vasodilation of the penile arteries, creating an increase in blood flow to the penile tissues, thus creating the erectile response. Honygra is primarily indicated for the management of impotence, although it can also be utilized for other applications.

The product Honygra’s manufacturer, Bennet Pharmaceuticals is a company which started in 1996. The company is WHO-GMP accredited for its facilities and is involved in the production of pharmaceutical goods in the clinical areas of antibiotics, pain management, inflammation management, coughs and colds, hormones, nutraceuticals, and others medications in various product formulations.

Customer Reviews

The name and the packaging of Honygra are particularly interesting, so it would have been great to view user comments for the product. It is a common custom for buyers to look for what other consumers have to say about a particular product, so Honygra not having any review has a negative impact on its brand as a whole.

There may be a number of reasons why Honygra pointedly did not have any user feedbacks, but regardless of those reasons, buyers may associate the paucity of reviews with inefficacy or untrustworthiness. Clients usually go for the “tried and tested” brands which have a multitude of reviews lined up while buyers tend to be double-minded regarding the credibility of a product without. On the good side, though, there was no complaints or news of discontinuation for Honygra, which probably means that the product is just extremely unpopular with the patients needing impotence treatments.

Pricing and Dosage

Honygra comes in various dosage strengths starting from 25 mg to 120 mg. It also has several price quotations from several online pharmacies and informational websites such as Gmedication.com.

Honygra Price

Honygra Price

According to the available price information for Honygra, the product costs a mere $0.89 for 4 pills. The price for Honygra is not only affordable; it is exceedingly cheap too. Generic Sildenafil products are known for their economical pricing, but only a few brands are sold for less than a dollar for several pieces.

Sildenafil products such as Honygra are usually taken only as needed and for only a maximum of one dose per day. Patients may be allocated with 50 mg as a starting dose, but it may be optimized to 100 mg or 25 mg, depending on how well the patients are able to tolerate the medication.

How to Buy HONYGRA Online

Buyers can locate Honygra domestically in India and the neighboring Asian countries, but international buyers can also get ahold of the drug via online drugstores using the links above.

Sildenafil Citrate drugs require a valid prescription for the products, although there are Internet drugstores which allow the sale of erectile dysfunction products to patients without written proof that they need the product for a legitimate use. To be safe, get prescribed for Sildenafil first before attempting to try any Sildenafil Citrate-containing product although there are actually stores offering to sell the product without asking patients to provide any form of prescription from their doctors.

How to Use

Regardless of any dose for Honygra or any Sildenafil product, their use is only as needed and there is a limit of one dose in a period of 24 hours. Honygra should be taken without meals and at least an hour before any sexual activity. There are patients who are able to respond to the product in a short span of time, but there are also those who require at least an hour for the drug to work. For faster absorption, it is advised that patients consume Honygra without food so that the drug can function as soon as possible.

Patients with liver disease cannot use the drug as the Sildenafil Citrate active ingredient of the drug is metabolized in the liver. Also, patients with extra health considerations should consult their doctor for the best dosage for their Sildenafil use in order to avert possible health disasters.

Side Effects

There are looming major and minor side effects for patients using Honygra for erectile dysfunction. Minor side effects include headaches, vasodilatation or otherwise known as flushing, and stuffy nasal passages. These minor side effects are nothing to be concerned about, as they fade as the drug’s effect wanes, and they also tend to disappear with the continuous use of Sildenafil medication.

Major side effects from Honygra involve more serious implications for the drug use such as myocardial infarction (due to the use of the drug with nitrates), chest pain, seizures, signs of anaphylaxis, vision loss in one or both eyes, deafness in one or both ears, and other side effects. These treatment-emergent adverse events should be reported to the doctors as soon as possible.

Conclusion with Rating

Honygra is the product of Bennet Pharmaceuticals in India. As much as we want to put our trust in this drug, its apparent lack of reviews still makes the drug unreliable. Buyer reviews for Honygra are currently unavailable, even buyer mentions for the drug. Although erectile dysfunction is a sensitive disease and not all patients are really into talking about their condition, it is not wrong to expect some form of validation for the product from some of its clients. There must be at least one patient who’s happy enough to recommend the drug or one who’s pissed enough to rant about the drug; however, there were no user reactions for the product, either constructive or negative. Due to this, we can only give Honygra 2 out of 5 and hope that next time we’ll revisit the brand, there will be buyer comments available for the product.

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