Hindgra 100mg/25 Tablets Sildenafil Reviews: Axon Impotence Product Without User Feedback

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Hindgra is a generic impotence product from the company Axon Drugs which is one Indian manufacturer for pharmaceutical products incepted in the year 1995. The company is known to produce pharma products in several therapeutic areas such as male health, cardiovascular, GI, and more.

The drug Hindgra is comprised of several ingredients, although the most significant among its contents is its Sildenafil Citrate ingredient, which happens to be the same active pharmaceutical ingredient found in the drug Viagra. Hindgra is thought to help the patients regain their “normal” erectile function by stimulating the upsurge of blood to the penile vascularity and into the penile tissues, which then creates the hydraulic erectile response in the patients. The drug, however, is only effective in the presence of sexual stimuli, as Sildenafil Citrate in Hindgra does not cause spontaneous erections in patients.

Sildenafil Citrate, the main content of Hindgra, has many uses; researchers in the past years were able to discover applications for this drug for urinary retention, fertility treatment for females, pulmonary arterial hypertension, prostate enlargement management, and more. However, for Hindgra, the product is just indicated for the use of patients who desire to have a normalized erectile function despite their inability to conjure up erections due to their impotence condition.

Customer Reviews

As much as we want to present reviews for Hindgra, there were none available for the brand. We have had time to scour the Internet for the reviews, but it seems that Hindgra was not as popular as the other generic Viagra brands online such as the famous Kamagra, Suhagra, or Silagra.

Although the content of Hindgra is the efficacious Sildenafil Citrate found in the other effective Sildenafil products, it is still imperative to locate client feedbacks for Hindgra, as the product may not be as efficient as its other generic Sildenafil contemporaries. Buyers are the ones able to test the product firsthand, so reviews from clients who were able to buy and try out the drug are highly invaluable. Since there were none existing for Hindgra, we can’t tell whether the product is effective or is just another rip-off.

Pricing and Dosage

Axon Drugs produces Hindgra in 100 mg and in 50 mg. Buyers can have an overview of the drug’s pricing in several online drugstores, as apparently, there are a number of Internet stores having Hindgra in stock.

Hindgra Price

Hindgra Price

Albeit Hindgra is an Indian brand, it is surprising that the product is also sold by a number of international drugstores (Hotmoituan.vn for one, which is situated in Vietnam). The price for a box of Hindgra containing 4 tablets of the product is set at $6.43, which indicates how affordable the drug can be. Though the price is not the lowest for the generic Sildenafil products, it is certainly more affordable than the brand-name option for erectile dysfunction treatment.

How to Buy Hindgra Online

If in case you still find yourself curious about buying Hindgra online, the most prominent site you can go to for procuring the product is Hotmoituan.vn, which is a Vietnamese website. The store actually offers free shipping for certain Vietnam locations, but it did not say if it can ship the product for free internationally. Hindgra’s label states “prescription only”, however, there is no specific restriction stated on the dispensation of this product for patients without any written script. Technically, the drug is prescription-only, but the online shop seems to not require its buyers to provide the Rx.

How to Use

Hindgra’s use is much like the regular Sildenafil pills—the drug is advised to be taken about 30 minutes to an hour before any planned sexual activity. The drug takes effect in about half an hour to an hour when taken without food, but it takes much longer to take effect when taken with a large meal or fatty substances.

If you tend to drink alcohol prior to sexual activity, it is not advisable to take Hindgra by then due to the extra hypotensive effect of Hindgra and alcohol combined. If you are also hypertensive and taking anti-hypertensive agents, you need to consult with your doctor first before taking Hindgra for your ED.

Hindgra is also made only for men and it is not for women and for the use of males 18 and below.

Side Effects

You can experience migraines, facial flushing, and stuffy nose with Hindgra, but these tend to fade away in a few hours. Although side effects are not present in 100% of the male population treated with Hindgra, patients should still be alert when it comes to side effects. Patients may also notice changes in vision (blurriness or sometimes an added bluish tinge to your eyesight), hearing changes, chest pain, and other side effects; though these are rare, they are usually a signal of something worse and should be consulted with the doctor immediately.

Conclusion with Rating

Hindgra 100 mg is a product intended for erectile dysfunction which is from another Indian pharmaceutical company, Axon Drugs Pvt Ltd. As opposed to other India-based pharma companies, Axon is relatively young, as it started only in 1995. There is little information on Axon’s operations, and there isn’t even a statement regarding its quality accreditations.

We were too eager to locate product reviews for Hindgra, but there were none available for the product although it is seen in several online shops. This may be another case of an unpopular drug for impotence; we can’t put the sole blame on the drug’s poor marketing—it may be due to the immense competition for impotence drugs online. However, due to the dearth of reviews for Hindgra, it only deserves 2 out of 5.

Should you still be interested in procuring the drug, feel free to do so, but as we have always recommended, you have to consult the drug with your doctor, to establish that it’s safe for you to consume and utilize for your condition.

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