Hepil 50mg Sildenafil Review: Sildenafil Generic by Mertens

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Hepil 50mg by Mertens is the Sildenafil available in Argentina. Sildenafil is widely used as management for erectile dysfunction. During sexual stimulation, Sildenafil promotes blood flow to your penis in order to help you achieve and maintain an erection. This is made possible by prohibiting the functions of Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). PDE5 is an endogenous regulatory substance responsible for returning the male sexual organ into its non-aroused state. With that out of the equation, you can achieve an effective level of erection for enjoyable sexual activities.

Sildenafil Citrate is the active pharmaceutical ingredient present in almost all medical preparations used to manage erectile dysfunction. When the patent for Sildenafil was made available to all pharmaceutical companies, Mertens developed and manufactured the substance into Hepil and joined the cause.

Mertens is an Argentinian company whose aim is on care and support of family affairs since 2003. Rather than turning to a giant profit-making pharmaceutical company, Mertens humbled and focused on the quality care they provide to their customers. In the company’s homepage, Mertens emphasize on their goals in assisting families to adapt to different changes they face in the long run of life. They aim to provide holistic services for families to achieve activities of existential experience. Mertens present their credentials through many heart-warming testimonials and stories.

Customer Reviews

Hepil has no current reviews available from its previous patients. The drug’s lack of testimonials can put the name of Hepil into a dismal impression. Perhaps it’s only available in the localities of Argentina and was never distributed to other places. Mertens also have not conducted data gathering from its clients regarding the use of the product. It’s also possible that a survey was done but was not made available to the internet where more of people can get access to.

In choosing the right product for you, it is principal to have access to all information that relates to its effectiveness and safety. It is not enough to know the drug by name and rely on the credibility of its manufacturer. Sildenafil Citrate is proven to be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, but no two brands can be proven to be the same in terms of potency and user safety. Unavailability of information for these two important elements of a product cannot be compensated by manufacturer credentials, no matter how grand they can be.

Pricing and Dosage

Suggested retail price for Hepil 50mg Sildenafil is not available online. The drug is manufactured by Mertens in Argentina; however, even a list of their products is not available on the website of Mertens. It is highly possible that this information about Hepil can only be accessible through the local stores of Argentina.

Due to a scarce source of information available, it is only known that Hepil is available in 50mg. Whether it comes in tablets or capsules is something that cannot be confirmed at the moment. Since it is only known to have one preparation, it will be challenging when adjustments need to be made for your therapy.

How to Buy Hepil Online

Hepil by Mertens is not available for online purchasing. Many online drugstores may give you small details about the drug and its active ingredient but will suggest that you use other brands that are more popular. It is highly encouraged to rely on your trusted online drugstore and other distributors that require you to present a valid prescription. Drugstores that adhere to this process are regulated and insured to legally market safe and approved products.

How to Use

Specific dosage for taking Hepil is not found on the internet. It can only be assumed that it is taken the same way with other Sildenafil preparations. The most common prescription is to take one tab of Sildenafil on an empty stomach an hour before sexual activity. Taking the drug with meals, especially food that are high in fat, can take on effect after a maximum of 4 hours. Avoid using Sildenafil containing medications with antihypertensive and anti-angina medications to avoid adverse events.

Side Effects

Sildenafil is known to cause a mild headache, nasal congestion, and common GI discomforts like indigestion and diarrhea. For some who are taking larger doses of Sildenafil, it is very likely to experience disturbances in color vision temporary. When having other discomforts aside from what was mentioned, consult with your doctor for possible adjustments. But when experiencing difficulty in breathing, coughing, vomiting, swelling of tongue, throat, eyes, and other signs of severe allergic reactions, get medical attention immediately.

Conclusion with Rating

Hepil by Mertens is a generic Sildenafil Citrate. This pharmaceutical ingredient is trusted worldwide in addressing erectile dysfunction. But how can clients trust Mertens and their brand, Hepil? Mertens may have taken a rather warm approach in introducing the company with its devotion to family values, but when compared to other pharmaceutical companies, Mertens lack the luster towards technological advancement. Mertens also failed to present their credentials on being a reputable developer and manufacturer of pharmaceutical agents. Hepil also failed to make it to the international arena and stayed to its isolation in Argentina. Having the very small informative background, failing to tackle major points in effectiveness and safety, and its absence in the global market give Hepil a rating of 1 out of 5.

Other than product reviews, the most important step in choosing your medical regimen is to seek a professional opinion. Visit your most trusted doctor. Only a skilled physician can know if it is safe for you to use a drug and save you the time and hassle of experiencing ineffective results, uncomfortable side effects, or other adverse events. Have a sincere and thorough assessment of your health conditions with your primary care provider prior to taking Hepil or any Sildenafil drug, because you don’t have to risk your health just to show your affections.

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