Hard On Pills Aurochem Review: Achieving Arousal but No Ejaculation Yet?

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Hard On Pills by Aurochem Laboratories is a product containing Sildenafil citrate. This drug is a PDE 5 inhibitor and blocks the Phosphodiesterase enzyme of type 5 class. The medication is taken for treating impotence and erectile dysfunction in men and helps restore the normal ejaculation of the person because it increases the penile blood flow. This drug is highly contraindicated for use with nitrates and some antibiotics and significant dose adjustments are required if the person is diagnosed with hepatic or renal impairment. The medication is short-acting and acts within thirty minutes of administration. Women and children are not advised to use Sildenafil citrate and the pregnancy category is B, meaning that no teratogenicity has been studied but there is no need of taking Sildenafil in pregnancy since there is no indication for it. This product is available as pills and oral jelly. [1]

About Aurochem Laboratories (i) Pvt. Ltd

Aurochem Laboratories (I) Private Limited is a company based in India, dealing with the manufacture, exporting and supply of pharmaceutical products. More than four hundred products are offered by Aurochem Laboratories and drug products of almost every therapeutic category are manufactured by this company. The drugs are marketed worldwide and distributions are made to different sectors including medical centers, hospitals, chemist, wholesalers, and pharmacies; that too on an affordable price. Several initiatives have been taken by this company for the growth and development of this organization such as manufacturing on the contract basis, and partnership plans.

Aurochem Laboratories Location

Aurochem Laboratories Location

Based in Mumbai, India, Aurochem group is a part of a fast growing network of pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and in thirty-five years, it has grown to ensure its own supply, development, export and manufacturing of products. The therapeutic domains that this pharmaceutical company covers are over fifty in number and include antibiotics, anti-allergy medications, urogenital, herbal creams, natural soaps, moisturizing lotion, melisma treatment, sunscreen, face wash, skin and hair care, anti-acne, anti-tuberculosis medications, women hygiene, corticosteroids, antihypertensive drugs, drugs for erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular, central nervous system drugs and antispasmodics. The dosage forms offered by Aurochem are quite diverse and cover almost all aspects of drug delivery, ensuring safe drug administration regardless of the age group. Dosage forms comprise liquid formulations, creams, ointments, pastes, tablets (uncoated, film-coated, enteric-coated, and sugar-coated), hard gelatin, and soft gelatin capsules. [2]

Sildenafil in Clinical Research

Ruilan Zhang’s study, “sildenafil (viagra) induces neurogenesis and promotes functional recovery after stroke in rats” in the journal “Stroke” was directed towards the use of Sildenafil after stroke. The hypothesis of Sildenafil being an agent in recovering from stroke neurogenesis was tested in this work. Ischemic rats with stroke were given Sildenafil at doses 2 milligrams per kg or 5 milligrams per kg and another group was given tap water as control. The doses were administered at two hours or twenty-four hours after the onset of stroke. After twenty-eight days of therapy, the rats were killed and measurements of Phosphodiesterase expression, blood flow, and infarct sizes were done. The recovery of neurological function after stroke was found to be enhanced by the administration of Sildenafil citrate to rats. Both ischemic and non-ischemic brains were tested and cGMP levels were high in both the cases. [3]

Laura Mamo’s work “Potency in all the right places: viagra as a technology of the gendered body” in the journal Body and Society, was in focus with the fact that the technological advancements in the pharmaceutical field are proving immensely beneficial for the purpose of enhancing life quality. It was also stated in the study that although there are numerous benefits of taking Viagra and it very conveniently helps restore a person’s sexual life, it, therefore is inviting other people towards its use that are not eligible to consume such drugs. Hindering a normal and natural process with a drug will not prove beneficial in the long run. [4]

“Vaginal sildenafil (Viagra): a preliminary report of a novel method to improve uterine artery blood flow and endometrial development in patients undergoing IVF” by Geoffrey Sher was published in Volume fifteen of Human Reproduction journal. Geoffrey Sher in this work studied the fact that uterine blood flow is responsible for the endometrial growth in women. This development of endometrium is essential in the case of IVF (in-vitro fertilization) and there are proofs that Nitric Oxide and cGMP are involved in the vasodilatory effects of the uterus. Sildenafil is used in men for a similar purpose because it stops the cGMP from degradation. In this way, the blood vessels are dilated and more blood flows to the endometrial region than it normally would. Sildenafil in combination with estradiol was used and an improvement in the endometrial growth was found with two to four patients succeeding in conception. [5]

“Viagra stories: challenging ‘erectile dysfunction’” is Annie Potts’ work that was published in the journal Social Science & Medicine. In this work, the social aspects and culture were linked to the sexual behavior of patients and the way our society today looks at sexual dysfunction. The drugs that are taken for this medical condition are the quick-fixes of this issue and it is important to know that erectile dysfunction is a medical condition that has biological roots, as well as a psychological condition because it affects the quality of life negatively. Use of Sildenafil can be helpful in restoring the biological process of ejaculation and also make a person content with his life. [6]

Sildenafil in Action

Sildenafil is a Phosphodiesterase inhibitor of type 5 class. This drug actually stops the breakdown of cGMP which is responsible for increasing the blood flow to the penis along with the mediator Nitric oxide. On sexual stimulation, the vasodilatory effects and relaxation of the smooth muscles help in an erection. If the cGMP produced is degraded rapidly, the erection does not last long and so the enzyme responsible for this degradation i.e. Phosphodiesterase should be inhibited so that restoration of the erection can take place. [7]

Hard On Benefits for Erectile Dysfunction

According to the claims of the manufacturers and researchers, and also the users, Sildenafil is effective in helping the person keep an erection and makes it last longer. The premature ejaculation is said to be controlled and shorter refresh times are needed for the patients at intervals between sexual activities. The patient would feel more aroused with more sexual appetite.

Suitable Doses and Extent of Therapy

The doses start with 25 mg and can reach up to 100 mg. This product contains 130 mg Sildenafil citrate which is quite high and the patient’s tolerance must be checked before administration. It is better to start the therapy with 25 mg dose and titrate up to 100 mg as per the response of the patient to the therapy. The dosage should be taken as and when needed but only once a day otherwise unwanted effects might arise.

Side Reactions and Warnings

According to FDA, Sildenafil is not indicated in patient groups such as women and children. Pregnant ladies are also advised not to take Sildenafil citrate. The side-effects of Sildenafil citrate are quite low in number and do not affect everyone taking it. The most commonly experienced issues can be headache with flushing and dizziness. Vision problems and certain cases of fainting due to extremely low blood pressure have been reported by some users. [8]


Sildenafil citrate interacts with many antibiotics and antivirals. It is even harmful when taken with some other vasodilatory agents and also with anti-ulcer drugs. Certain herbal supplements and Alcohol also make the patient’s blood pressure drop to dangerous levels. The nitrates taken for Angina and hypertension potently decrease the blood pressure of the patient; if Sildenafil citrate is taken with organic nitrates, the blood pressure can decrease and result in a medical emergency. [9]

Customer Reviews

Hard On Testimonial

Hard On Testimonial

Different customers of this drug review the products with the active ingredient of Sildenafil citrate. Since this generic is very popular among users, so is the Hard On pill. The users seem to be happy and content with its effects and the online forums are full of such reviews. Some reviews clearly show that the person does not have a medical condition or justification to use Sildenafil but they do use it and are very happy with the outcomes.

Viagra and Cialis users mostly go for cheaper alternatives and they sometimes run into products with a higher concentration of Sildenafil. People even comment on the effects of this product that it makes them feel young because of its huge benefits, providing satisfaction to the user.

Pricing, Hard On Forms and Recommended Dosage

Hard On is available as pills and also as oral jelly. The pack sizes are sixty, thirty, twenty and ten pills in a pack. The drug is cheaper when bought in bulk because the price of the pack reduces when tablets are higher in number.

Hard On Pricing

Hard On Pricing

The price of 60 tablets is USD 224.9, for 30 tablets it is USD 118.9, 20 pills cost around USD 87.9 and around USD 50 for the pack size of 10 pills. The strength is 130 mg of each tablet.

Hard On Shipping Options

Hard On Shipping Options

Hard On pills can be bought online and that too without producing a prescription. The delivery is done around the world including countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia at a rate of USD 10 if the standard Airmail service is used and USD 30 is the Trackable service is used by the consumer.

Conclusion and Rating

The whole report on this product can be concluded with the fact that the drugs that are labeled as “prescription only” should not be used for recreational purposes and it is never worth the risk. Erectile dysfunction is a real medical condition and this drug is intended for use in the patients with this condition. Those with a normal erectile function should avoid taking drugs that act on their system. I suggest that playing with drugs is never a good choice and a consultation with a doctor will not hurt because it is your health that needs to be taken care of. Out of 5, the score I suggest for this product is 3 because although it is one of the most widely misused drugs, this product is popular among people and that for patients who need treatment for impotence are gaining benefits from this drug.

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