Happigra Samjin Review: A Questionable Brand of Sildenafil

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Happigra by Samjin contains Sildenafil Citrate as its active pharmaceutical ingredient. The product helps people with ED to experience an erection when sexually aroused. Happigra acts on the erectile muscles of the penis by inhibiting the regulatory function of PDE5, phosphodiesterase type 5, which relaxes the muscles around its blood vessels and allows better blood flow. As more blood enters the male sexual organ, its size and rigidity increase, making sexual activities more pleasurable and effective.

Happigra is produced in different preparations. The drug comes in traditional hard tablets that are orally taken. The product is also available in sachets that contain the drug in its dissolvable powdered form with a dash of mint flavor for easy and enjoyable consumption. Both tablet and powdered preparation are available in 25mg, 50mg, 75mg, or 100mg.

Samjin Pharm Co. Ltd is the leading pharmaceutical company based in South Korea. Built in 1968, Samjin journeyed and developed to the top while expanding and gaining its KGMP in 1987 and CGMP in 2013. With increasing qualifications, Samjin aims to be a pioneer in providing a healthy life for everyone. Samjin Pham Co. Ltd has no branch outside South Korea but promises cut-edge facilities with the latest technological advancement.

Customer Reviews

No reviews regarding the use of Happigra are available online at the moment. This may be related to the fact that it is only manufactured in South Korea. The local availability makes it difficult for the product to be obtained outside of the country. Perhaps relying only on the manufacturer’s claims is not enough to trust a particular brand but Samjin does not seem to take any step in gathering more feedback from the patients.

Despite the excellent reputation Samjin Pharm holds, Happigra will find it difficult to attract more consumers. But with effectiveness shown by other Sildenafil containing medications, it is safe to assume that Happigra will reach up to our expectations, we are just not sure about the side effects it may cause due to the presence of unconfirmed excipients. Choosing another brand that looks more promising will be a wiser step.

Pricing and Dosage

Happigra, also named as generic Viagra in most online drugstores, can cost you $0.66 to $3.8 depending on the strength and a number of pills you are willing to buy. It is advised that you buy in bulk amounts to avail the markdown on its price but only from the trusted e-pharmacies.

Happigra 100 mg Price

Happigra 100 mg Price

Happigra 75mg Price

Happigra 75mg Price

For now, only the tablet form is available online in different doses 25mg, 50mg, 75mg, and 100mg to adjust to a client’s therapy. Clients are advised to take Happigra 1 hour before sexual contact. Clients are commonly prescribed to take 50mg of Happigra once a day. This can be adjusted accordingly if the effects are not enough or appear to be too strong. Consult with your PCP before trying or modifying your treatment for safety.

Happigra 50mg Price

Happigra 50mg Price

Happigra 25mg Price

Happigra 25mg Price

In some cases, Happigra is administered in smaller and divided doses that are to be taken throughout the day. These cases are true to those users who have health conditions that can cause harm when using Happigra in its common dosage. So be sure to tell your doctor if you have conditions like hypertension, liver and kidney disease, hypersensitivities or severe allergies, and intake of other common medications. Review them with your doctor to avoid adverse events. Examples of medications that cannot be taken with Happigra are nitrate-containing medications (e.g. Nitroglycerine). Coadministration of these two medications can cause severe hypotension and even death.

How to Buy Happigra Online

Happigra can be bought online through online drugstores. Just like in any online store, you simply choose the product of your choice and add it to your online cart. When you’re ready to check out, you are to fill an order form. Some online drugstores offer cash on delivery for shipments to countries within the United States but international transactions require you to pay for your order through a credit card. There are some sketchy online drugstores that offer you fast delivery and are prescription-free. It can be tempting to accept their offers but it’s greatly advised to choose the one that requires your prescription and verification. Drugstores that verify your prescription are certified legal, maintain high-quality products and carry secure transaction. Shipment charges depend on your location and can be expensive, however, most drugstores offer free shipment service if you reach a certain total amount per order.

How to Use

Happigra is taken an hour before intercourse for optimal effect. Do take note that eating high-fat food can delay its absorption and the onset for up to four hours. Take the proper preparation your doctor prescribed you to use and limit it to only once per day, not to overdose. In some cases, your doctor can step up your dose to 75mg or 100mg if the effect is too weak. Dosage can be adjusted to 25mg if the 50mg is too much for you. However, in the presence of another health problem, commonly in elderly or people with cardiovascular problems, liver and kidney problems, or any indication of decreased drug clearance, a starting dose of 25mg is advised.

Side Effects

Common side effects that are reported are the following: a headache, flushing, nasal congestion, and indigestion. Less common side effects are visual color disturbances, muscle pain, and mild pulse irregularities. Other side effects are known to be related to the use of higher doses. If intolerable, it is advised to taper down your dose with the help of your doctor. If experiencing other side effects aside from these, consult your doctor right away.

Conclusion with Rating

Happigra is one of the generic Sildenafil used to manage erectile dysfunction. Manufactured by Samjin Pharm, Happigra has a potential to become a generic drug of choice for those who values quality and affordability. However, Samjin Pharm did not gain enough international respect like other pharmaceutical giants in the global scale. Perhaps, Samjin Pharm is still too young to bring its name up and build a branch in other countries. The absence of the opportunity for users to share their feedback dulls the image of Happigra. Its availability for international customers is limited and its efficacy is unconfirmed. Since its effectiveness is not proven enough to excel other brands, Happigra receives a simple rating of 2 stars out of 5. Your health is not a guessing game.

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