Ghc Reviews – Online Health Service Providers with a Lot of Suspicions

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Group Health Cooperative (GHC) is an online health services provider in United States. It aims to facilitate patients and customers by providing them appointments, and consultancy sessions with top physicians and doctors in the country. It is a complete health care site as it also offers pharmacy services as well as health plans for patients.

There are numerous services at this website. Customers and patients can seek different health plans as per their requirements which are cost effective as well as convenient. These health care plans cater to several needs of patients such as hospital billing and patient care. It is especially more convenient for older patients.

It also holds a pharmacy for its patients which offers medications at cheap cost and free shipping. For medications that are costly, the team works together with patients and providers to help patients afford such medicines. Customers and patients can avail nursing consultancy as well as several services. Customers can find doctors online and consultation with ease. It also has a research institute where young professional can carry out their research.

The website layout is pretty simple and user friendly. It is clean and free from unnecessary ads and offers which can put off potential customers. Tabs and panes make it easy for navigation so that the customers can easily guide themselves to their desired links.

The website has held several awards over the period of its operation which suggests that it has been doing a fine job for its customers in the field of healthcare.

For all the health services and medications, customers can pay through Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Customers first have to sign up at the website before they can order any prescriptions and health services from the website. Customers can contact the website through telephone and email so they can post their queries as well as send their feedback to the website. Reviews

This website has fan pages on social media which tells that it has done well to market itself to the people in the country. These pages have quite a followership so it can be said that the health center has made it to common public. Reviews

Following review comes from an unsatisfied customer who says that the health care center lacks skilled professionals as he had to face a tough time with his nails which bled. The service providers could do nothing about it. He had no regards for the health plans and said that he would opt for a better one in future. Reviews1

The following reviewer said that she is not exactly a fan of the health care center but she has high regards for one of the doctors at the facility. She praised the punctuality of the doctor and said that the doctor was highly skilled and professional in her approach.

The reviews have been a mixed feedback so it is not possible to predict the authenticity of this website. Reviews 2015

Reviews about the website continue to gather. It seems like the website has been doing a fine enough job as far as taking feedback from the customers is concerned. The review are a mixed bag of positive and negative feedback from people. Reviews 2015

The following review suggests that the website has been doing a fine job in providing services to the customers. They praised the efficiency of the team and said that personal visits are quite beneficial for her mom’s health. Reviews 20151

According to legitscript, is not a verified pharmacy website. It is not authorized to sell medications. Therefore it must be avoided and customers should order from other pharmacies and health care sites to save their time and money.

According to, has done pretty well in the last few months. Its rating has improved considerably and it now ranks among the top 30,000 websites of the world and among the top 5000 website in United States. Coupon Codes

At the moment, coupon codes are not available. Customers may have to check in later in case they want to avail services from this website at lower cost.


Group Health Cooperative is a comprehensive health care facility in United States. The site has been operational for quite a long time and it aims to improve health facilities in the country. It provides health services such as medications, health plans for customers, members and employees of the company. Most of the reviews about this website suggest that the website has not been doing a good enough job for its customers. Hence its services should not be availed. It is rated 2 out of 5 for its operations.

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