Generic Vs Brand Name Drugs Difference Exposed

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Many people are aware of the debate surrounding name-brand drugs versus their generic equivalents, but many rarely know why the debate is happening. According to the laws in most nations, all generic drugs must have the same chemicals in the generic drug as in the name-brand medication. A lot of people unfortunately think that generic drugs are inferior to their name-brand equivalents. This could not be farther from the truth. Generic medications are just as good, and in some cases, even better than their name-brand counterparts.



A generic drug is not a ‘fake’ of the name-brand medication, they are only copies. Generic drugs are developed when the patent on the name-brand product has expired. When this happens, it means other pharmaceutical manufacturers have developed a way to make the same drug at a reduced cost, which then gets passed on to the consumer. This is a good thing for the consumer. According to Consumer Reports, more than half the name-brand drugs on the market today have generic equivalents. These numbers will grow even more in the next few years as some of the most popular name-brand medications will have a generic form come out soon.

What about those new name-brand drugs that come on the market and get advertised about being better than the older version? More often than not, these new, exciting drugs are equal to the older versions and already have generic equivalents.

Buying generic drugs is not like purchasing generic products off the shelves of your local grocery store. Name-brand grocery products are often better than their generic equivalents. Generic medications are much different than this example, because the requirements for generic drug manufacturing is much different.



These drugs can be purchased through quality online pharmacies. Legitimate online pharmacies make sure that they are selling generic drugs that are being manufactured by reputable pharmaceutical companies and under the world-wide regulations that govern the manufacturing of medications. This is how you will know if the generic drug is an equal alternative to the name-brand medication. The online pharmacy will only sell medication from a reputable pharmaceutical company. These legitimate online pharmacies will tell you which company makes their products. Fraudulent online pharmacies will not allow you to know who makes their generic drugs. These fake online pharmacies probably don’t even have a manufacturer to direct you towards.

Once you have finally been convinced that generic drugs are just as good as their name-brand counterparts, then you begin to realize the advantages of generic drugs.

Generic medication is always cheaper than name-brand drugs, sometimes, they are even a lot cheaper. Not only have generic products been accepted by doctors and hospitals as being equal to their name-brand counterparts, the insurance companies have realized the benefits of generic drugs. A lot of health insurance companies are requiring their policyholders to buy generic drugs over their name-brand counterparts, because of the significant savings the insurance company receives.

German Remedies Pvt. Ltd.

German Remedies Pvt. Ltd.

Legitimate online pharmacies are also seeing the advantages of selling generic drugs. These reputable online pharmacies can save money, and then pass that savings to their customers. This benefits both the online pharmacy and their customers. Reputable online pharmacies that sell generic drugs also have knowledgeable consultants that can direct you toward the generic equivalent of a name-brand medication, which can really save you money.

Another advantage of generic drugs is that these medications are often a lot easier to access. A lot of the manufacturers of name-brand medications like to limit the supply of their products as a way of keeping the prices of these products inflated or higher than they should be. Generic drug manufacturers want to produce enough medication so they can sell more products. Rarely will you find the generic equivalent to a name-brand product low on supply. However, you will find several name-brand medications that are not available when needed. Since the price of the generic drug is lower than their name-brand counterpart, the generic drug manufacturer can make sure enough of the generic drug is available. This makes the generic drug more accessible to their online pharmacy suppliers, and in turn, to you, the customer.

Ajanta Pharma Ltd.

Ajanta Pharma Ltd.

The quality of a generic drug is just as good, or even better, than the name-brand medication. Generic drug manufacturers go to great lengths to make sure their generic medication is produced using the same methods, ingredients and formula as their name-brand counterparts. Providing the best quality generic drugs also provides an advantage to you, the consumer. These generic drug manufacturers commonly have a better quality control system in place, so they can verify that each tablet produced is exactly like the name-brand counterpart. Again, the world regulations require that generic drugs have the same chemical makeup as their name-brand equals.

Public health increases because of generic drug production. Since generic products are produced on a larger scale than name-brand products. This means those in impoverished countries and the underprivileged, that could not afford the name-brand medications, can now afford to buy the generic equivalent.

Take Thailand, for example. According to the country’s Minister of Health, only 10 percent of people with heart disease in the country can afford to buy the name-brand heart disease drug and blood-thinning medication required to survive through the condition. However, the production of the generic equivalents now makes it affordable, and more citizens of Thailand are not dying from heart disease.

Another good example of this, is with the impoverished nations that have HIV-positive citizens. At one time, these AIDS patients could not afford to buy the expensive name-brand medicines to prolong their life. With the introduction of generic equivalents to the expensive AIDS drugs, more people and countries can purchase the generic drugs, which allow the AIDS patients in their country to live longer and more productive lives.

Many people with doubts about generic medications find that these doubts are completely unfounded. Many studies show that the generic equal of a name-brand drug is just as good. Not only do the studies show these drugs are equal in their effectiveness, it is the law that these drugs be equivalent to the name-brand medications they are replacing. As long as you buy your generic drugs from a legitimate online pharmacy, that only sells quality generic drugs manufactured by a reputable pharmaceutical company, you will not see any differences between the generic and name-brand medication.

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