Fildena 50mg/100mg Gel Fortune Reviews: Extra Power Erection Function at any Time

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Fildena 50, as the name of the brand says, is a 50 mg sildenafil containing pill. It is one of the dose forms manufactured by an Indian company Fortune Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Sildenafil is the name of chemical contained in the brand Viagra, hence Fildena 50 can be described as a product equivalent in clinical action to Viagra 50 mg.

Viagra is a well-established brand known to improve sexual power in men suffering from erectile problems. It was a drug which was first tested for the treatment of cardiac diseases but during the clinical trial, participants reported marked improvement in their sexual life and erectile function. Though sildenafil never found much use in cardiology except in pulmonary arterial hypertension, it soon got approved for improvement of erectile function in men [1].

50 mg is considered to be the most optimal dose to start a treatment of impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED). Later, the dose is either increased or decreased depending on the clinical effect. Though, clinical experience with sildenafil has shown that 50 mg or more is needed in most cases of ED.

Fildena is also available in 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg and extra power dose of 200 mg. It comes as usual tablets, chewable tablets, and soft gel capsules [2].

The safety profile of Fildena is similar to Viagra and is well-tolerated in most people. Side effects commonly associated with its intake are flushing, headache, few people may also feel the loss of appetite or visual disturbances. Most of the side effects disappear once a person stops taking the pill.

Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd Profile

Fortune Healthcare is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of pharmaceutical goods. Hence it follows the best global practices in its management. It’s also engaged in trading and supplying of other health care solutions. Its manufacturing facilities are Indian FDA approved. It also brands itself as a green and environment-friendly company.

It prides itself as a manufacturer of affordable equivalent drugs of expensive European brands. It is expanding into the international arena, with many products approved in Philippines and Vietnam. It also ships its products to the US market.

The company has a special focus on anti-TB drugs, antibiotics, and drugs used to treat ED. The company offers a wide range of products to treat ED, Its products range equivalent to Viagra/ Kamagra/Enforce (containing sildenafil) is called Fildena. It also manufactures equivalent drugs to Cialis with brand range named Tadalista.

Apart from manufacturing drugs for the treatment of ED, the company also manufactures dual action tablets to solve the two common problems of men commonly associated with each other that are ED and PE (premature ejaculation). These dual action tablets contain sildenafil along with dapoxetine [2].

Fortune Healthcare Location

Fortune Healthcare Location

Sildenafil in Clinical Research

How the product acts depends on the ingredients it contains. In the case of Fildena ingredient is sildenafil, a well-tested molecule, trusted by prescribers and users equally, a molecule that changed the ED treatment, bringing it to whole new level.

In the scientific study named “Clinical Update on Sildenafil Citrate” authors Osterloh IH and Riley analyzed the role and importance of sildenafil in the treatment of ED. They noted that sildenafil has been proven to be effective in ED associated with minor depression, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and in patients with prostate cancer treated with radiotherapy. Results of sildenafil are encouraging in ED due to prostatectomy, post-renal and heart transplant. Sildenafil has shown to work well over a long period, though some patients may complain of loss of effectiveness over time. Though precaution should be taken in people who had recently suffered a stroke or heart attack, but that does not mean that sildenafil is bad for the cardiovascular system. Similarly, precaution should be taken when on antihypertensive therapy or using anti-HIV drugs. Authors finally concluded that success of sildenafil has demonstrated that ED is a widespread health problem, which affects both the partners. The success of sildenafil has resulted in increased search for more such drugs and also increased efforts for finding drugs for female arousal problem [3].

Another study titled “ASSESS-3: A Randomised, Double-Blind, Flexible-Dose Clinical Trial of the Efficacy and Safety of Oral Sildenafil in the Treatment of Men with Erectile Dysfunction in Taiwan.” by Chen KK et al. was aimed at finding the effectiveness and safety of sildenafil in Taiwanese men, so that to understand if nationality or ethnic origins make any kind of difference or not. In the trial, 236 patients were randomized at six medical centers in Taiwan. Age of the patients was between 26 to 80 years old and they were suffering from ED of various etiologies for more than 6 months. The trial was for the period of 12 weeks and patients were instructed to take sildenafil one hour before sex, starting dose was 50 mg (later increased to 100 mg if 50 mg wasn’t effective, or decreased to 25 mg if 50 mg wasn’t well tolerated). A headache, dizziness, and flushing were most common side effects. Side effects were reported by 43.7% patients on sildenafil as against 18.8% with placebo. Side effects were mild in nature. Sildenafil significantly improved the sexual function of all men assessed by International Index of Erectile Function scale, the frequency of successful sexual attempts and global assessment of erections scale. Further, it was noted that sildenafil in Taiwanese men was as effective as in European men [4].

Burls A et al. did a large scale study titled “Systematic review of randomized controlled trials of sildenafil (Viagra) in the treatment of male erectile dysfunction”. In the study, they identified and analyzed 21 clinical trials of sildenafil. All clinical trials showed the significant improvement in sexual function as compared to placebo. Meta-analysis of 16 of these trials showed that erectile function improved 3.57 times as compared to placebo and sildenafil was well tolerated [5].

Sildenafil in Action

Sildenafil helps to get and hold an erection for longer; this all becomes possible due to improved blood flow to male sexual organs. It is classified as phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE 5) inhibitor. Blood flow to male sexual organs is increased due to increased formation of cyclic guanosine monophospuser Robert_dawson shate (cGMP), in reaction to sexual stimulation, which results in an erection. Enzyme PDE 5 destroys the cGMP after some time, and the person loses the erection. Sildenafil inhibits PDE 5 thus helping to get and hold an erection for long time [6].

Fildena Benefits for Erectile Dysfunction

Fildena helps men to get a strong erection and also increases the duration of erection. This helps men to successfully have sex, and also to have sex more often. Fildena doesn’t treat the cause of ED but temporarily treats the symptom (As ED is a just symptom of various other health problems).

Recommended Doses and Extent of Therapy

Whatever the cause of ED, recommended dose is to start with 50 mg, then taking into account both effectiveness and tolerance dose can either be increased or decreased. In the case of severe cases of ED, it is better to start with a dose of 100 mg. How long before it starts acting also depends upon if taken on empty stomach or along with food, it acts faster on empty stomach. Sildenafil should not be taken more than once a day and helps best when taken an hour before sexual activity. It is not required to take it daily, but only when planning to have sex. It has been proven to be safe in long term. Though there is no limit to how long it can be taken, but if taken too often over a long period of time, some men report a loss of effectiveness.

Side Reactions and Dangers

Reddening of eyes, facial flushing, heaviness in the head, dyspepsia are the most commonly reported side effects with sildenafil. Though one-third of people complain about side effects, but in most cases, they are temporary and mild enough to be tolerated. Most people find sildenafil much helpful, hence minor discomforts and dangers are tolerated.

In rare cases, visual disturbances may occur and some people may feel ringing sound in ears, this is a cause to worry and an indication of stopping the therapy.

Though it is quite safe for cardiac patients, but should not be taken without the advice of a doctor if one has suffered a stroke or heart attack recently.

Drug-to-Drug Interactions

There are several drug interactions with sildenafil of clinical importance. It can have a dangerous interaction with nitrates prescribed in cardiac diseases, if taken with nitrates it can result in sharp fall in blood pressure and hence is an absolute contraindication [7].

Special precaution needs to be practiced if a person is taking medicines to control blood pressure, though it isn’t a contraindication.

Some drugs tend to increase the plasma concentration of sildenafil, which means that person may need to decrease or correct the dose if taking these drugs. Most common such drugs are protease inhibitors used in HIV, anti-infectives like erythromycin [8] and clarithromycin, azole antifungals like ketoconazole and itraconazole. Certain gastroenterological drugs like cimetidine.

Customer Reviews

Fildena is a well-supplied drug, and lots of online reviews are there to help us know more about the product.

Fildena Review

Fildena Review

Fildena Testimonial

Fildena Testimonial

After going through the customer’s review I would say that generally product has been well received by the users. Most have found it to be an effective treatment of ED. As one of the user Robert_dawson said “Now I can stretch out our love sessions and let her really enjoy it. We love it”.

Fildena Consumer Reports

Fildena Consumer Reports

Though I would say that by reading some reviews I had a doubt about their authenticity. I would recommend giving this product a try, if you find it effective you can continue with it, else change the brand.

Price, Dosage, and Marketed Forms

Fildena Prices

Fildena Prices

Fildena is shipped to most of the countries and is available in USA, Australia or Canada. It is really reasonably priced at 0.8 USD for a tablet, there is a really big discount if you order it in larger quantities, thus if you order 100 tabs, you can get it for as low as 0.4 USD.

Fildena Shipping and Tax for USA

Fildena Shipping and Tax for USA

Shipping charges will vary from 20 USD to 32 USD, usually depending upon the two factors, firstly kind of shipment method chosen (shipment with tracking being more expensive), secondly it depends on your location. It is always wise to confirm the shipping costs before finalizing the order.

Fildena Shipping and Tax for UK

Fildena Shipping and Tax for UK

Conclusion with Rating

Sildenafil is really great for men suffering from ED, it is the first drug to have demonstrated such a high effectiveness and dependability. ED is a really frustrating problem, not only for men but for their sexual partners too. Sildenafil not only improves the sexual life, it is also highly beneficial for the overall psychological well-being of many couples.

If taken in the right dose at the right time, Fildena is quite a safe treatment. Though some patients may face small discomforts in form of nasal congestion, facial flushing, but they are well tolerated and nothing more than a small price for all the good things this drug has to offer.

I would give Fildena 4 out of 5 stars, though I have no doubt about the effectiveness of sildenafil, still, the manufacturer isn’t very renowned so I would recommend giving Fildena a try. If proven effective, order it in larger quantities.

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