Filagra Double 200 mg Fortune Reviews: Strong Sildenafil Formulation with Stellar Reputation

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Filagra Double is a medication that has been made for addressing sexual dysfunctional problems. Most men experience sexual dysfunction issues like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and impotence at some point in their lives and seek treatment through medicines and therapy. Viagra is perhaps the most popular and commonly used medicine for erectile dysfunction but its generic equivalents are also gaining popularity.

Filagra Double’s generic properties are the same as Viagra because Sildenafil Citrate is the agent common between them, though the potency is higher as the name suggests. The Sildenafil Citrate found in the tablets in 200 mg formulation aid in controlling the release action of the PDE5 enzyme and regulating cGMP levels in the blood, particularly in the penis. This leads to the relaxation of the penile tissues, improved blood supply and eventually a powerful erection. Of course, the medicine won’t work as it is, and a degree of sexual excitement is needed alongside the medicine in order for it to work. This medicine is not recommended for treating another condition, such as pulmonary hypertension, unlike its other generic counterparts.

The pharmaceutical company producing Filagra Double is Fortune Healthcare based in India. It started working in 2009 and currently holds ISO 9001:2000. It creates a wide range of generic, Ayurvedic medicines and anti-tuberculosis, anti-bacterial and antibiotic medicines as well. Besides manufacturing medicines, it also trades and supplies medicines as well healthcare solutions.

Customer Reviews

A patient who is considering taking a generic medicine to get rid of his impotence issue is advised to make an informed decision by checking out the reviews written by other customers for that particular medicine, especially the side effects they might have experienced and their degree. When it comes to Filagra Double, it has scored pretty high on the popularity scale.

Filagra Double Testimonials

Filagra Double Testimonials

A reviewer by the name Jeff Selmon posted his experience of using Filagra Double on the Cheap Generic Drug site (dated Nov 17, 2016). He said that he has found Filagra Double to be a “powerful pill” which he would recommend to his friends suffering from erectile dysfunction in a heartbeat. He gives Filagra Double the credit for improving his “love life”. Likewise, James Milam, another reviewer, wrote on July 1st, 2016 that he found Filagra Double to be a “great high powered” medicine that is most suitable and effective for patients like him suffering from extreme erectile dysfunction. According to him, the medicine works in “minutes” and gives “best ever erection”. Yet another reviewer named Raymond C. Bitting wrote on April 20th, 2016 that a recently done surgery left him with a serious erectile dysfunction issue. When he came to know about Filagra Double from Cheap Generic Drug site, he decided to give it a go. He tried the 200 mg potency and was able to achieve an erection in “minutes”.

Pricing and Dosage

Filagra Double is available for the price of $2.94. Since one blister pack contains 10 pills, one blister pack would cost you $29.40. However, the medicine costs a bit less to customers ordering it for the second time i.e., $2.19 per pill at certain sites.

Filagra Double Pricing

Filagra Double Pricing

The available formulation of Filagra Double, as the name specifies, is 100 mg. Since there is no 50 mg or 100 mg formulation available for this, 200 mg is the only available dose. It’s supposed to give an erection that lasts a bit longer than usual. But since the formulation is pretty strong, it should be taken when the problem is acute. Taking more than one pill within 24 hours is not recommended.

How to Buy Filagra Double Online

Filagra Double is easily and widely obtainable through many online stores just like those indicated below. Some stores ship this medicine internationally, whereas a few have an exception list. But overall, one would not have any difficulty in finding this medicine, as there are multiple options.

How to Use

The tablets are black in color and film-coated and need to be taken with water. It needs at least 1 hour to work, so it needs to be consumed before starting the sexual activity. It can be taken with a light meal but definitely not with a heavy meal and/or alcohol, as both comprise the efficacy of this medicine, by increasing the time needed for it to work.

Side Effects

A few users may experience some discomfort after taking the medicine, such as a headache, indigestion, lightheadedness, insomnia, light sensitivity, skin rash or redness, a clogged or a runny nose. Some possible but serious side reactions are visual impairment, deafness, and painful and prolonged erection. In case any of the aforementioned symptoms are experienced, the patient is advised to consult a physician right away.  Patients with hepatic, renal or cardiac issues are also advised not to start the medicine without consultation from their doctor.

Conclusion with Rating

Filagra Double is drug manufactured by Fortune Healthcare pharmaceutical. This generic form of Viagra has Sildenafil Citrate in 200 mg formulation. It works in the body through manipulating the action of the enzyme PDE5 and raising the cGMP levels. This allows more blood to flow into the penis and creating a strong erection that lasts long enough for a satisfactory intercourse to take place. The extent of Filagra Double’s effectiveness is also supported by customers who have tried it and have given it positive reviews and excellent ratings. Overall, this is an effective and safe medicine and its manufacturer i.e., Fortune Healthcare pharmaceutical enjoys a good reputation nationally. That’s why Filagra Double deserves a rating of 4 out of 5. Although the customers who have tried this medicine haven’t reported any side effects, this doesn’t mean that none are possible. In fact, any patient wanting to give Filagra Double a shot should consult a doctor first, as the medicine contains a high dose of Sildenafil Citrate and might not be suitable for just about anyone. In fact, only those patients who are have been suffering from a severe and persistent form of erectile dysfunction and have found the 100 mg dose of Sildenafil Citrate should give it a try.

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