Fexion 100/25 Mabo Review: No Evidence of Popularity for this Spanish Sildenafil Drug

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Fexion is a brand drug produced by a drug manufacturing company based in Spain which has been developed for treating erectile dysfunction. The increase in popularity and variety of medicines available online for the treatment of erectile dysfunction indicates that it is now becoming a common problem. There are many reasons for this; for instance, high LDL, smoking, hypertension, diabetes, stressful lifestyle and unhealthy diet.

The Sildenafil Citrate contained in Fexion selectively inhibits phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme in the penis and allows corpus cavernosum muscles to relax. When accompanied with sexual excitement, a strong erection is experienced by the patient using Fexion. Generally, Sildenafil Citrate based medicines are also used for managing another condition called arterial pulmonary hypertension in males as well as females; however, Fexion has been developed solely for the management of erectile dysfunction by its manufacturer.

Mabo Farma which has developed Fexion has been in operation since 1996. It started as a subsidiary of Industrial Group TEDEC -MEIJI FARMA, SA, as there was a dearth of generic medicines in the market. Since then, the demand for generics has increased many folds in the Spanish market and Mabo Farma has become one the leading manufacturers of generics, with a sizable number of generic medicines for the treatment of various conditions.

Customer Reviews

There are absolutely no user reviews related to Fexion anywhere on the internet, which makes its effectiveness indistinguishable. There seems to be no patients or buyers who used Fexion and documented their experience anywhere for the benefits of other consumers. Consumer reviews are honest, accurate and impartial that’s why they are very important while making a decision to buy any product. The same goes for generic medicines as well. One should try to buy medicines that are popular i.e., the degree of their effectiveness and side effects have been well-documented. Not everything is listed on the labels accompanying meds, as they are guidelines. Efficacy and side effects vary from patients to patients due to the uniqueness of formula among different medicines, distinctive body chemistry, and tolerance levels. In Fexion case, we cannot determine how well the patients responded to it and how negligible or severe were the side effects if any.

Pricing and Dosage

Fexion’s formulation and pricing details have been listed on its website: according to this source, 4 tablets of 50 mg are available for $15.61. On the other hand, 4 tablets of 100 mg Fexion cost $17.17. 4 tablets happen to be the minimum order requirement.

Fexion Pricing

Fexion Pricing

Fexion is produced by Mabo Farma in two strengths: 50 mg Fexion contains 50 mg of Sildenafil Citrate besides other constituents. Likewise, 100 mg Fexion contains 100 mg of Sildenafil Citrate besides other constituents. There is also evidence of the medicine being produced in 25 mg strength as well but it doesn’t seem to be available for sale. One can start with the 50 mg tablet and may increase the dose according to the result and need. Only one 100 mg pill can be taken in 24 hours; otherwise, it may result in overdosing.

How to Buy Fexion Online

Although pricing information is available on the website of Fexion’s manufacturer, it seems to be for informative purposes than sales. There seem to be no sellers of Fexion, as not even one online store seems to be carrying it. So, Fexion doesn’t seem to be popular in the regional market even.

How to Use

Fexion is blue in color and elliptical in shape, and it’s film-coated. It can be ingested with a little water. It doesn’t work well with food, so it should be taken apart from meal times. It also doesn’t work well with alcoholic beverages, so this combination should be avoided. At least one hour is required for this medicine to kick in, so it should be taken accordingly.

Side Effects

Although Sildenafil Citrate happens to be an effective and safe ingredient for the management of erectile dysfunction, experiencing some side effects is expected in most cases. The minor side effects listed with Fexion are flushing of the face, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, nasal congestion, and low blood pressure. However, the serious side effects include but are not limited to vertigo, tinnitus, inability to distinguish between colors, chest pain, priapism, etc. The patient should go to an emergency room immediately in case of experiencing any of these side effects.

Conclusion with Rating

Fexion is a generic drug from a Spanish pharmaceutical called Mabo Farma. It contains Sildenafil Citrate and helps in the management of male impotence issues. It does so by inhibiting the production and flow of phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme in the penis, thus helping it to become hard during sex. Despite an extensive search, no user reviews were found online about Fexion, so it’s hard to establish how well the medicine manages erectile dysfunction. There are also no active sellers of this medicines at the regional level too i.e., in Spain as well. Although Fexion is manufactured by an old and reputable pharmaceutical firm, it doesn’t seem that Fexion has done well in the online market. A lack of popularity may also mean that there is no assurance that Fexion is effective or safe enough to be tried on its own. We won’t rate it more than 1 (1-5 scale). Should you still decide to give Fexion a try, at least consult your doctor and update him or her about all your pre-existing conditions besides erectile dysfunction before doing so.

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