Erytop Reviews: Effective Acne Treatment for All Skin Types

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Erytop is manufactured by US Vitamins Limited as a lotion or cream specifically used for skin conditions. It contains the active ingredient erythromycin which is part of the family of macrolide antibiotics.

It has a broad range of antimicrobial properties which at times is better than penicillin and often used as an alternative. The drug works by stopping the protein production of the bacteria when applied on the treated skin.

Even though it is an antibiotic, you can purchase the drug without a prescription from a doctor. However, you should consult your doctor before using the medication as this may have an adverse effect on your skin.

Erytop is generally used for skin conditions such as acne, bacterial infections, pelvic infections, bacterial vaginosis, dental infections, septic arthritis and more. It can be used safely by adults and children provided that you follow the prescribed dosage from your doctor. The drug may take some time before any improvement can be seen so prolonged use may be necessary.

The drug is quite popular among users as an acne treatment. Usually, both lotion and cream is used in conjunction with one another to get the best results. It also has minimal side effects and relatively gentle on the skin which is why it is popular among people with sensitive skin.

Erytop Reviews

Erytop Reviews

Although customer reviews aren’t common for Erytop cream and lotion, there are several forums available where users share their experiences with the drug. It is usually used as a treatment for acne and is generally considered to be effective. One of the users who goes by the name Taps shared that when she used the drug, her pimples were shrinking after just one day of use although she said that “it kinda stops working” after a while so she suggested to just use it occasionally. Another user also shared that “Erytop has never given me (her) any trouble” and “gives you results very quickly.” She also further commented that she had sensitive skin. Nikita commented that the drug would fairly work on all areas of the face including the forehead although it “won’t reduce the marks.”

Erytop Reviews

Apart from the comments of users in forums, there are no available reviews available. However, the comments gathered are enough to shed light on the drug’s effectiveness. It seems that the drug is indeed effective among several users and we can recommend it to potential users.

Pricing and Dosage

Erytop Pricing

Erytop is available as a lotion and cream to be applied externally on treated skin. The average price of the lotion is around Rs 30.98 while the cream would be around Rs 26.85. Dosage of the drug should be determined by your doctor although usual dosage would be application on the treated skin around twice a day. It usually works after 3 days. Should the drug take effect, cease using the medication.

How to Buy Erytop Online

Erytop is a popular medication used widely by people suffering from skin conditions particularly acne problems. Although it is popular, finding the medication is quite a challenge though as there are many pharmacies which do not carry the solution.

How to Use Erytop

Both variants of Erytop are meant to be used externally. To use the medication, apply it on a freshly washed face. You can use both the lotion and the cream together for optimum effect. Erytop is strictly for external use only and shouldn’t be swallowed or applied inside ears, nose, mouth and eyes.

Erytop Side Effects

Although Erytop is fairly well received by users, there are a few side effects associated with its use. The common side effects would include skin irritation, rashes, vaginitis, contact dermatitis and more. If any of the symptoms alarm you, contact your doctor immediately.


Erytop is a popular antibiotic applied externally either as a cream or lotion on the skin for treatment of various skin conditions. It is widely used as an acne medication and is quite effective as can be attested by several users. Overall, the drug can be recommended to potential users who are looking for a quick and effective acne treatment. Taking this into consideration, Erytop is rated 4 out of 5.

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