EREVA 25mg Tablet Sildenafil Review: Unpopular Sildenafil Brand

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Ereva 25mg is used to treat men who are unable to successfully achieve and maintain an erection during a sexual activity. It is produced by a pharmaceutical company based in India called Vivo Life Sciences. One of the many effects of stress and sedentary lifestyle is erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. Erectile Dysfunction happens when an enzyme called phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors get released into the blood vessels too quickly. When this action happens, the penile muscles fail to harden up sufficiently to create an erection or for it to last long enough for a sexual intercourse. However, Ereva’s Sildenafil Citrate manipulates and delays the reaction of phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors, increases the production of nitric oxide, improves the blood flow in the penis. Resultantly, the penile muscles harden and become erect for penetration during the sexual intercourse. Ereva can also be used to treat arterial hypertension in both men and women.

Vivo Life Sciences, producing Ereva, is a pharmaceutical and biotech company operating in India. It works in the niche of the drug development and discovery services. It works in accordance with OECD, AAALAC & IND guidelines. The areas which it works in are infertility, pregnancy, vitro, in vivo, toxicity and toxicokinetic investigations, and pharmacological research. It also manufactures health supplements from its subsidiary called Zenova. It doesn’t have many medicines in the erectile dysfunction category.

Customer Reviews

Despite an active search, no reviews of actual buyers of Ereva were found. This may mean that there are very few or no actual buyers of Ereva. Since the efficacy and side effects of a particular med differ among individuals, customer reviews enable other potential users to determine the effectiveness of a medicine. This information helps them decide whether they should buy a particular medicine or check out other available options with proven results. The absence of reviews related to Ereva raises a question mark related to its efficiency as well as safety. Though Sildenafil, the active agent found in Ereva, is usually very effective as well as safe, its combination with the other continents in Ereva may create an unpleasant or adverse side effect in certain patients. Therefore, they are advised not to buy Ereva without taking their doctor’s advice or approval.

Pricing and Dosage

Ereva is available on very few online pharmacies. One pill of Ereva costs $2.27 and sold in a strip, containing 10 tablets.

Ereva Price

Ereva Price

The pill is blue and rounded shape-wise and should be swollen whole with water. It is available in only one formulation that is 25 mg. Since other Sildenafil Citrate based medicines come in potencies of 50 and 100 mg, one may make the assumption that up to two pills can be taken in a day. However, one of the sellers specifies that no more than one pill can be taken in a day.

How to Buy Ereva Online

Ereva is not a widely or easily available medicine. There are few sellers and they are selling the medicine at the regional level. One online pharmacy specifies that Ereva can only be purchased through a proper prescription by one’s doctor but it doesn’t seem to be a requirement at regional pharmacies operating in India.

How to Use

The starting dose of Ereva is 25 mg and not more than 1 pill can be taken within 24 hours. The medicine requires at least one hour to work, so it should be consumed accordingly during a sexual activity. It should also be taken after consuming food. It is not suitable for patients having pre-existing conditions like an ulcer, bleeding tendencies, penis deformities, renal, hepatic, heart issues and may aggravate the issues. One shouldn’t also operate heavy machinery or drive after taking Ereva, as it may lower cognitive functions.

Side Effects

Some of the adverse effects that have been mentioned for Ereva are dyspepsia, blurred vision, swooning, headache, stuffiness in nasal passage and flushing. These side effects don’t happen always but may occur in few cases. They also subside on their own. However, if a user experiences any of these symptoms in severity or experiences some other side effect besides these, then he should consult a doctor immediately. For instance, if the erection lasts more than four hours after taking Ereva then it’s a serious side effect. Some pre-existing health conditions also cause these side effects; therefore, a doctor’s consultation is very necessary in these cases.

Conclusion with Rating

Ereva is one of the many drugs used for management of erectile dysfunction issues in men. The Sildenafil Citrate in Ereva inhibits the action of phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors in the blood, improves nitric oxide levels, and aids in making the penile issues erect.

There are no active users who have used Ereva and have documented the degree of its effectiveness and the possible side effects it created in them. So, there is no way of using whether the claims made by its manufacturer for addressing erectile dysfunction issues are true or not. Even the pharmaceutical manufacturing it i.e., Vivo Life Sciences appears to focus in the areas of vitro, infertility, and toxins area instead of erectile dysfunction meds. It seems to be well-established in India but has no international presence or repute. Thus, Ereva cannot score more than 1 out of a rating of 5. It’s available in some online stores; however, it should not be purchased and not without the advice of one’s own doctor. Ereva is not without side effects and may even aggravate some pre-existing health conditions.

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