ERECTO 100mg/50mg Capsules Cipla Review: Sildenafil Drug with No User Feedbacks

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ERECTO 100mg/50mg tablets are an added PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type-5) inhibitor product from one Indian pharmaceutical company, Shinto Biotec. ERECTO 100mg/50mg tablets contain the active pharmaceutical ingredient, Sildenafil Citrate, which is the first PDE5 inhibitor medication to be introduced in the pharmaceutical industry (1998), in the form of the famed “Viagra” which was manufactured by the company, Pfizer [1]. Viagra and ERECTO are both indicated for the perennial male problem, erectile dysfunction, which adversely affects the male population due to the psychological, social, and relationship effects the dysfunction causes the individuals with the condition [2].

It is interesting that ERECTO 100mg/50mg does not have much information online when searched, and often, results for other erectile dysfunction products appear instead of the product information for ERECTO. The drug, however, is a category B drug, according to MIMS India [3]. Category B drugs are drugs untested in gravid females, which means that the pregnancy risk for the product is unknown [3]. Although it is a common notion that Indian pharmaceutical companies make PDE5 inhibitor medications in several product formulations, ERECTO is only manufactured in the typical hard pill form, and in 100 mg and 50 mg dosages.

Shinto Biotec (Gross Klin) Information

This pharma company, Shinto Biotec, or otherwise known as Gross Klin, is a diminutive company which employs only about 10 people [4], but the company is able to manufacture products in various medical categories. Therapeutic areas where Shinto’s products are significant in are not disclosed, but the company is known to create and distribute products in the following product formulations: dry syrups, pediatric/eye/ear drops, topical medications, protein powders, liquids, soaps, lotions, and the mainstream tablets and capsule forms.

Shinto Biotec was inaugurated in 2005 and now is led by Rinky Rawat, who is responsible for the current market placement and performance of the company [4].

Shinto Biotec Location

Shinto Biotec Location

Shinto Biotec assures its clients of the good quality of its products and its information mentions that it is a “quality oriented entity” [4]. Its facility has been segmented to accommodate manufacturing, quality control, research and development, and warehousing/packaging for its products [4].

Accreditations vis-à-vis quality for Shinto Biotec are its ISO 9001:2008 certification and the World Health Organization approval for the company’s Good Manufacturing Practices [4]. It is quite impressive that such a small company is accredited for its GMP and is also ISO certified, which infers that the company is indeed concerned with its product quality.

Scientific Studies on Sildenafil

Based on the study by Cooke et al in 2005 (“Utilization and cost of sildenafil in a large managed care organization with a quantity limit on sildenafil”), the impotence problem, erectile dysfunction (ED) is able to influence some 30 million men in the United States alone [5]. The authors sought to assess the cost of Viagra treatment and also define the comorbid conditions present in patients with ED and also characterize the gravity of the cardiovascular disease in patients using Sildenafil [5]. As the results indicated, there were 67,914 pharmacy claims for the Sildenafil product during the period of 2001 for 20,281 large managed care organization members/MCO, making the prevalence of Sildenafil use for these members 54.1 in 1000 male MCO members [5]. High-risk claims for Sildenafil Citrate was defined by the study as 1 Viagra claim with a diagnosis of diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, ischemic heart disease, or abdominal aortic aneurysm [5]. The medium risk category was defined by the authors as at least a claim with risk factors identified such as smoking, high blood pressure, family history of coronary artery disease, hypercholesterolemia, and age of 45 above [5]. As for the prevalence of the claims for medium and high risk for cardiovascular disease, there were 12,720 claims made by these high to medium risk patients [5].

Sildenafil Citrate is the first PDE5 inhibitor drug introduced in the market, but it is not the only PDE5 inhibitor available, as there are other PDE5 inhibitors introduced such as Vardenafil and Tadalafil. The paper of Ströberg et al aimed to discover the percentage of the ED patients presently treated with Sildenafil would still choose Sildenafil treatment after being treated with Tadalafil for a certain time period, and vice versa (“Switching patients with erectile dysfunction from sildenafil citrate to tadalafil: results of a European multicenter, open-label study of patient preference”) [6]. Patients from Sweden and Italy (155) were included in the study, and 147 of the initial number of the patients were able to complete the assessment phases of the trial [6]. 133 out of the 147 patients preferred Tadalafil use for their 6-month extension phase, while 14 of the patients elected to push through with Sildenafil as their drug-of-choice for their extension [6]. Based on the assessment of the data, the preference of patients to Tadalafil transcends age, erectile dysfunction severity, and ED etiology [6]. Although both drugs were well tolerated, the patients preferred the use of Tadalafil for their erectile dysfunction in the 6-month extension [6]. There were treatment-emergent adverse effects surfacing during the treatment; for Tadalafil, headaches, nasal congestion, dyspepsia, flushing, back pain, diarrhea, and nausea were the most common side effects experienced by the patients (the largest incidence is 4.8% of the patient population). Re Sildenafil use, the commonly observed adverse events were flushing, nasal congestion, headache, and nasopharyngitis, with flushing (7.1%) as the most common adverse side effect for the Sildenafil users [6]. The authors concluded that the patients favored Tadalafil over Sildenafil 9:1 although both drugs were efficacious and well-tolerated by the patients [6].

Description and Mechanism of Action of Sildenafil

The drug, Sildenafil Citrate functions as a discriminatory and potent inhibitor of the PDE5 or the phosphodiesterase 5 enzymes found mostly in the penile endothelium. This PDE5 enzyme, although utilized as the metabolizer of the cyclic monophosphate nucleotide, is hampering the erectile response of patients with impotence due to its early degradation of the cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate). This cyclic monophosphate nucleotide is the secondary messenger of the NO/nitric oxide released during sexual stimulation, and which stimulates the vasodilation of the blood vessels and the relaxation of the smooth muscle cells in the corpus cavernosum of the penis. These two actions (vasodilation and relaxation) are essential markers of the erectile response in patients, so the PDE5 enzyme degrading cGMP has a huge deleterious effect on the erectile mechanism. Since Sildenafil Citrate is able to muffle the effect of PDE5 for an average of 4 hours, the cGMP can leverage that to elicit the proper erectile response in the presence of sexual stimuli in the patients.

Erecto Effects for Erectile Dysfunction

Given that the product Erecto 100 mg contains the effectual active pharmaceutical ingredient Sildenafil Citrate, the patients can anticipate its beneficial effects for their erectile response. Since Sildenafil’s duration in the body lasts for about 4 hours, the patients are able to enjoy Erecto’s effect for as long as the drug is in their system.

Recommended Doses and Duration of Therapy

Therapy spans for Erecto or any Sildenafil product are interestingly open-ended and vague, since there are no recommendations for patients’ observation for therapeutic improvement, as the drug remains to be a temporary relief for erectile dysfunction and not a permanent cure.

As for the mode of intake, patients are prescribed to take a dose of Edegra (either 50 mg or 100 mg, depending on the doctor’s instruction) as needed, about 60 minutes preceding intercourse, as the drug functions 30 minutes to 60 minutes post consumption. Avoidance of food/fatty foods and alcohol is essential for the drug to function well.

Side effects and Warnings

No alcoholic drinks should be consumed by the patients when taking Sildenafil since alcohol may also hinder Sildenafil’s action for treating impotence. As for the treatment-emergent side effects, those determined for Sildenafil use by a certain study were facial flushing, stuffy nose, headaches, and nasopharyngitis [6]. In this study [6], the adverse events were found out for only less than 10% of the patient population tested, which means that the side effects are not too prevalent in the patient population.

The side effects are usually transient and fade away when the drug is completely metabolized in the body. Apart from the minor side effects, though, there are major side effects to watch out for during Sildenafil drug use such as tachycardia, priapism, heart attack symptoms, vision loss, hearing loss, anaphylaxis, chest pain, nausea and vomiting, and other symptoms which interfere with normal daily living [7].

Drug Interactions

Determined drug interactions for Sildenafil Citrate include those with Nitrates, antifungal medications, antibiotics, antiviral medications, antibacterial medicines, and other prescription medications [8]. Overall, patients should consult their current medications with their doctors so that they may be given the proper recommendations for the safety of intake of Sildenafil Citrate.

Herbal medicines, supplements, and other over-the-counter medications should also be consulted with the physicians, to avoid any complications with their Sildenafil Citrate use for impotence.

Customer Reviews

It is imperative for products to have consumer reviews from those patients capable of trying out the products. These consumer evaluations for the product are essential references for future patients wanting to try out the drug brands. No reviews are usually a sign of less popularity on a product’s part, but may also be an indication of a deeper problem such as the discontinuation of the product or the product’s ineffectiveness. Regardless of the reason, the product having no reviews has a negative impact on the brand itself, the company manufacturing the product, and the clients intending to use the drug.

Price, Available Forms, and Dosage

The product ERECTO may only be available for offline sales since any sign of the merchandise being sold online is not visible on the web. Since the product is manufactured in India, there is a chance that ERECTO might only be vended in local pharmacies in the country.

There is no clue regarding the local price of ERECTO, but since the product is a generic pharmaceutical item, we can only assume that it’s highly affordable and more economical than the steeply-priced brand-name erectile dysfunction products.

Due to its unavailability online, buyers from the USA, Australia, and Canada are not able to make purchases for ERECTO since no store is selling the product online. But, that should not really cause users any worry due to the innumerable options available for generic Sildenafil Citrate alternatives on the web.

Conclusion and Rating

It is actually arduous to fabricate a conclusion for the product ERECTO 100mg/50mg due to the dearth of information present for the product. It should be easy to construe an opinion for a product manufactured by a reputable company, but ERECTO’s manufacturer, Shinto Biotec did not have many records for its name either. For this reason, we can only rate ERECTO 1 out of 5 for its ostensible lack of reviews and other information concerning its efficacy and market presence. If you should want to try the product and it is available, feel free to do so, though, and lend us your thoughts regarding the product.

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