Epitol 200 mg Reviews: A Mix of Feedback for This Drug to Treat Seizures

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Epitol 200 mg

Epitol (Carbamazepine) is a drug used to treat certain seizures. It can also help with treating cheek or jaw pain that is associated with a nerve problem of the face (trigeminal neuralgia).

The role of this Carbamazepine based medication is to act like an anticonvulsant. It helps to block the nerve impulses that are detected by the brain and minimize the issues related to seizures.

By relieving the pain it is possible to change the nerve impulses that are controlled by the facial muscles. Regular use of this drug will help to restore the proper function and balance of the nerves.

The use of Epitol should be avoided in a variety of situations, including those with a history of liver or bone marrow problems. An allergic reaction can result from using this medication and features in drugs like tricyclic antidepressants, cyclobenzaprine, or other ingredients.

Certain medication can interact badly when taken at the same time as Epitol. Make sure to alert the pharmacist or doctor before starting on any new course of treatment. Other substances like dietary supplements, herbal prepared, or non-prescription medicine can also cause the undesired side effects.

When taking the Epitol drug make sure to carefully monitor the food and liquid intake. Fruit like grapefruit can interact badly, so make sure to plan the well-balance diet while on this course of treatment.

Epitol Reviews

Epitol 200 mg Reviews

Customer reviews for Epitol vary from high to low satisfaction ratings. A male reviewer said that using Epitol for his 7-12 year old son for epileptic seizure has been helpful with “no seizures”, but he hasn’t been pleased with the side effects noticed. Common side effects experienced includes his equilibrium is off, lethargic, and forgetfulness. The side effects in this case seem to be doing “more harm than the condition”. Tuffy is another reviewer and said that Epitol makes her feel “funny at times” and not as good as alternative options.

A further user has commented that this medication has been helpful after using the Carbamazepine based drugs for the last 15 years. Another user gave an acceptable rating for using Epitol for its helpfulness at treating seizures, but found the side effects to be a problem. Problems noticed included mood swings, aggressive behavior, and no sex drive. But, this user is willing to accept the side effects because it is so effective at treating the seizures.

Epitol 200 mg Reviews

User comments from those that took Epitol for treating bipolar disorder seem to give the more favorable ratings. Sam confirms that this medication has been able to change her life and confirms this medication is highly effective and ensures she can live “with a clear head”.

Pricing and Dosages

The initial daily dosage to start on Epitol is 200mg, which will be slowly increased until the desired results are achieved. The maximum intake is in the region of 800-1200mg per day. Pricing for Epitol is in the region of $48.50 for 100 100mg tablets or $42.50 for 100 200mg tablets.

How to Buy Epitol Online

Epitol is quite easy to source online using the web-based drugstores that offer a variety of special offers and free shipping.

How to Use Epitol

Epitol is taken orally and is most effective it swallowed straight after eating a meal. Swallow the tablet whole and avoid breaking or crushing. Try to follow a regular schedule to make it easier to remember when to take the medication each day.

Epitol Side Effects

Most of the side effects that come with Epitol are quite mild. Common issues can include weakness, vomiting, unsteadiness, nausea, dry mouth, dizziness, and constipation. Make sure to visit the doctor should the side effects become more bothersome or persistent.


The feedback for Epitol is quite varied with some users finding the drug highly beneficial while others said that the side effects are too excessive. The most promising scores came from those patients that used this medication for treating bipolar disorder. Also, most users agreed that this drug is quick and easy to use on a daily basis. Based on a ratings guide of 1 to 5 (with 5 highest), we would give Epitol a score of 3 which relates to the comments made in the reviews.

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