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The online pharmacy with a domain Empire-pharmacy.com is also known as Trusted Tablets. The store’s unreachable today, but luckily, the shop had available information from the internet archives.

Empire-pharmacy.com was a former online store selling generic and branded products. According to its banners, the shop was able to serve more than a million “happy” consumers during its run as an online pharmacy. Empire-pharmacy.com also guaranteed low prices for its products and swift deliveries for its products.

The items available on Empire-pharmacy.com include the best-selling products for male impotence (male impotence is the inability to have erections even when sexually stimulated), allergy relief, pain medications, cholesterol management meds, sleeping aids, diabetes maintenance meds, and others. These medications sold on Empire-pharmacy.com do not require prescriptions, but Empire-pharmacy.com states that patients should first consult their health care providers before ordering any Rx medication on the shop.

Empire-pharmacy.com indeed offered low prices for its products, especially for its bestsellers. According to the retrieved data available on Empire-pharmacy.com, each pill of the generic Viagra product costs $0.27 and per pill of the generic Cialis product costs as low as $0.68. It is rare that you can find ultra-low prices for erectile dysfunction meds, considering the medicinal costs are now on the rise.

Shipping is not rendered free by Empire-pharmacy.com, but since the store is currently offline, I was unable to get ahold of the shipping fees charged for EMS and regular delivery. Payment options by the clients on Empire-pharmacy.com comprise of VISA and MasterCard payments.

What I do not like about this store is its lack of concrete policies for order losses, failed deliveries, damaged items, and similar cases. Empire-pharmacy.com merely stated that the deliveries of the products were guaranteed and that in the case of failed orders, buyers should just contact support for the resolution of their concerns. Beyond that, Empire-pharmacy.com did not offer any assurance of some kind for the recompense buyers will be receiving IF their orders were lost or damaged along the way.

No chat support was available on Empire-pharmacy.com, but the store posted phone numbers and had an email box for its clients to use. I wish I knew when this store operated or where it was actually from, but the only thing indicated on the shop was that it obtains its meds from India.

Empire-pharmacy.com Reviews

I searched the web for buyer comments for Empire-pharmacy.com but the shop seemed unpopular with buyers as no feedbacks for the shop exist beyond the Empire-pharmacy.com web page.

There were a few online comments found on Empire-pharmacy.com, which were feedbacks from former clients of Empire-pharmacy.com. Dorothy (from Andorra) mentioned that Empire-pharmacy.com offered “excellent service” as the shop attendants were able to entertain her inquiries “very efficiently”. Also, she mentioned that the store had affordable prices and offered “great value” for her money.

Samuel (from Irish France) commented that his orders were shipped speedily. He also went on to mention that he was a regular of Empire-pharmacy.com and so far, he had no complaints about the store’s service.

Another client was Sarah (from Spain) and she also commended the store’s fast shipping and its great customer service.

Although the comments for this website from “clients” who posted on the store’s domain were positive, I can’t rely on these because of their untrustworthy nature. I prefer comments and testimonials posted on third party review sites.

Empire-pharmacy.com Reviews 2016

Current year comments for Empire-pharmacy.com were also unavailable, which led me to resort to using platforms such as Legit Script and Scam Adviser for domain analysis.

Legit Script analyzes domains for their reliability and checks their statistics against certain verification standards. As for t Empire-pharmacy.com, Legit Script determined this online store as a “Rogue” online shop, because it failed to meet internet verification standards for a valid, legitimate online store.

Scam Adviser result for Empire-pharmacy.com was not as disappointing as the results for the same store from Legit Script. However, even if Empire-pharmacy.com was given a 60/100 score, the store was still detected to have a “rogue” rating. Empire-pharmacy.com was also determined as a “new site” from a high-risk country—Empire-pharmacy.com did not seem to recommend the use of this online store.

Empire-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

Actual coupon codes were not seen on Empire-pharmacy.com, but the store offered several discounts for its buyers. For instance, this discount scheme for Kamagra Soft 100 mg:

As buyers increase their purchases from the store, Empire-pharmacy.com willingly gives more discounts for its buyers, leading to greater savings. Besides the discount, Empire-pharmacy.com offered freebie pills for its buyers.


Not all online stores last—some close down early on like Empire-pharmacy.com. The shop is not seized by the government—it closed down on its own terms. There were no buyer reviews available for this online store, save for the unverifiable client comments available on the shop. As for my rating, I am giving this store 1 out of 5 for being a closed down store.

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