Eliferx Reviews: This Site is a Rip Off

Eliferx.com Review
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Eliferx.com is an online store that sells medication to patients from all over the world. The store has been on the web for about 1 year and has offered a wide variety of medication to the customers. Some of the main conditions that they offer drugs for include high blood pressure, male sexual problems, cholesterol and so much more. There site has a very easy process to place an order. This has been convenient for most clients who would find it difficult to shop at the local pharmacy.

Some conditions especially the ones that relate to sexuality can be somewhat embarrassing. This is why online pharmacies have become so popular. You will not have to worry about discretion when getting your Viagra for instance. There is a confidentiality level that you will enjoy and your package will get to you in a concealed cover. The store has various discounts that are enjoyed by regular customers.

Eliferx.com Reviews

When the store started, everyone was happy about it especially since one would save so much money on medications. However, from the various reviews on the internet, the site ended up being a rogue company that is out to rip off innocent patients. There have been even complaints based on the appearance of the site which is said to have adult content. Since it deals with drugs that are commonly used, so many people have interacted with the site and have had their own share of experience.

Merlin issues a stern warning about this site. He says that the customer care reps will convince you to place an order. They will tell you of all the benefits that you stand to gain and how much money you will be saving through them. Once you have placed your order and paid for it, you get an assurance that your products will be delivered in time. Sadly, that is the end of it. They will take your money and you will never hear from them.

Michael S is also another disgruntled client. He says the home page of this site is appealing and you will easily fall into their trap and trust them. However, the company is a fraud and you will only lose your money in the name of getting cheaper drugs. Most people that come to this site are looking for cheaper options and it is sad that they have to lose the little money that they have. The company is a big scam and should totally be avoided.


From the various reviews on the internet, it is clear that this site is a big scandal. They take your money with a promise to deliver your goods only to fail. It is pointless to contact their customer care since some of them sound as if they do not fully comprehend whatever is going on. Medication in itself is quite costly and that is why most people try to find cheaper options. Do not go to this site if you do not want to lose your money. The site is not legit and gets a score of 1 out 5.

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