Easymedsdirect.com Review – Currently Inaccessible Suspicious Website

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Easymedsdirect.com functioned as an information site regarding online pharmacies in order to direct customers to best deals for prescription medications. The website, however, is already currently inaccessible. Most online stores come and go–they open up then are gone the next time you look for them. The same is the case of this Easymedsdirect.com–it’s up one time then gone another. You can’t really tell which online stores will last and which won’t.

This website, Easymedsdirect.com was not actually an online pharmacy. It did not have its own items to sell–the shop referred clients to other online stores found on the web. To use Easymedsdirect.com, there was a need to sign up as a member. A prospective client would have to fill out details such as email address, a username, and a password. Then he would have to pay the membership fee either using a credit card or online check.

There was a so-called members’ lounge and members can then order online from licensed pharmacies and enjoy the lowest prices on different medications. According to the website, the products were FDA approved although it does not show the names of the pharmacies and where the manufacturers were located. For certain medications, a valid prescription was needed. Customers could also only avail of a 90 day supply of medication as the maximum at a time.

Even if Easymedsdirect.com was not an actual online store, Easymedsdirect.com showcased some of its best-selling drugs to its prospects. In the list of the top selling products on Easymedsdirect.com were pain medications (Codeine, Hydrocodone, Darvon, Ultram and Vicodin), anxiety medications (Klonopin, Alprazolam, Xanax, Zoloft, and Diazepam) and others (Levitra, Adipex, Cialis, Lexapro, Ambien, Prozac, Lipitor, Phentermine, Viagra, and Soma). It did not directly present the prices of the drugs, but they claimed that customers save up to around 80% on costs of prescription medications.

Shipping is usually through FedEx and allowed overnight deliveries for most of the pharmacies connected to Easymedsdirect.com. However, I do not know if this “overnight” delivery applied to other countries other than the United States, as an overnight delivery to any point in the world seems an impossible notion. Maybe Easymedsdirect.com only catered to US-based clients and offered long waits for international consumers; however, there was not much data to expound on from the archives of Easymedsdirect.com, so I wouldn’t know where the store actually ships its products to.

For concerns or inquiries, they had a Contact Us page to put in messages and they ensured replies within 24 hours. Since the store’s now offline, the contact details of Easymedsdirect.com were already unreachable.

Easymedsdirect.com Reviews

I did not find reviews from previous customers whether on the website or on external review platforms. This could mean that Easymedsdirect.com was unreliable with a shaky reputation, probably a scam. However, not all unreviewed online stores end up scamming clients; the buyers may have just been too shy to post their comments for their purchases or they must’ve forgotten to commend the store for its good service rendered. On the one hand, Easymedsdirect.com may also be unpopular amongst users, therefore the actual dearth of reviews for its service. Whatever the reasons were, though, the no-review status of this online store hurts its credibility more than it thought, as the lack of reviews often equates to incompetence and unreliability.

Easymedsdirect.com Reviews 2016

I tried searching for online comments for Easymedsdirect.com for the current year, but my search turned up nothing. So, I used Scam Adviser and Scamner to further check on Easymedsdirect.com. These two platforms have proven reliable when it came to website analysis of stores without existing external reviews.

Scam Adviser showed that the website was both new and had a short life expectancy. The owner was also trying to be anonymous. These are characteristics of fraudulent websites. It also reveals that the site was identified as rogue by another evaluator. It concludes by giving Easymedsdirect.com a rating of 10%, definitely high risk.

Similarly, Scamner gave a score of 4% and did not recommend buying and browsing in Easymedsdirect.com. It stated that the website which had been working for three years did not have too many visitors, did not own an SSL certificate, and did not have any trust records.

Easymedsdirect.com Coupon Codes

There were no coupon codes found for Easymedsdirect.com, but we saw a limited time offer which gave a 25% discount if online check would be used in the ordering. Although this discount existed for Easymedsdirect.com since the shop was offline, no buyer can ever use this 25% for his purchase.

Apart from this 25% discount, Easymedsdirect.com appeared too stingy to bestow free shipping for its buyers with a certain order amount. Freebie pills were also unavailable for the former buyers of this online store.


Easymedsdirect.com was an online pharmacy information site that connected their members with licensed pharmacies in order to get the lowest prices for prescription medications. I did not find any customer reviews, however, whether on the site itself or outside. This makes it very suspicious. Scam analyzing sites also revealed characteristics of Easymedsdirect.com that are consistent with fake or fraudulent websites. Most importantly, Easymedsdirect.com is inaccessible currently. I cannot recommend it and would give it a score of 1 out of 5.

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