Drugs-for-health.com Review – Fraud Online Drug Store to Avoid

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Online drug stores have in the recent past proliferated and drugs-for-health.com is one of the many that are claiming its spot in this space. Their website opens to a cool page with what seems to be Pharmacists or Chemists titrating some drugs in a lab with a blue caption advert reading “Quality Medications at Low Prices”. The page opens up to an inviting atmosphere with pictures and prices of drugs like Cialis, Viagra, and Lasix among others with their cost prices tagged on the screen.

With such a professional approach I’m drawn to find out how long Drugs-for-Health has been in this space. I scroll down, open few links to Home, About Us, Our Policy, FAQ, but there’s nothing about how long they have been operating for and this irks my mind. Such a great pharmacy would be proud to say they have a background of so and so years, why hide such a selling point to gain new clients confidence?

But still, I look and find out that some other key things are missing, something like finding drugs-for-health physical address proves futile. Drugs-for-health.com Sitemap opens to a list of drugs as opposed to location! Another obstacle! There’s no way of telling where they are located.

What about FDA approval? I realize that their main assortment is Erectile Dysfunction drugs. The average cost for Cialis going at $ 1.20, Viagra $ 0.62. FAQs do claim that all their generic pills are FDA approved.

The next thing to find out is the terms of payment drugs-for-health store accepts. I find they accept payment in terms of credit cards; Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, Discover, and EChecks shipping to most worldwide countries.

After payment, Drugs-for-health.com ship packages through Trackable Courier Service which takes 5-9 days and the package is tracked using a tracking number. This takes a maximum of two weeks. Then there’s Airmail service which takes 14-21 days, however, packages sent through this portal cannot be tracked and take a maximum of 30 days before getting to the buyer.

This looks awesome and I want to know if my money is safe. What is drugs-for-health money back policy? I find that Drugs-for-health.com have a rather considerate money back policy. They advise if the client has put the wrong address, contact them soonest to effect the change of address. If the package doesn’t get to you due to an incorrect address, then no refund will be made. However, if the refund request is because of the client’s dissatisfaction with the order then the client can mail the package back within 30 days, after receipt, the refund process will be initiated.

Drugsforhealthchat.pngSatisfied with money back policy, I need to know how fast Drugs-for-health responds to queries. I initiate a live chat and promptly get ushered to a new page. I feed my name, order and query and chat opens. Instantly a lady promptly responds with and directs me on where to find what I need.

Drugs-for-health.com Reviews

Happy with Customer Care promptness, I want to see if other clients were happy with Drugs-for-health.com’s service from order placement, shipping, and delivery. Yes, customers were satisfied, with a candid resolve of ordering from them again. However, there were some dissatisfied customers like Phill Guess (Region not indicated) who felt that the resolving of their order took much prompting on something that ought to have been solved by a single phone call. I was able to see the money back, on wrong address policy being handled.

I come across copy paste reviews of clients that I’d seen on another site. The Same client with similar complaints on the same order is easy to find. A good example is complaining of Viagra causing a headache. However, it’s not possible to find clients with similar names having similar complaints using the same words. I realize that something is totally wrong.

Drugs-for-health.com lacks a physical address, but offers fake customer reviews!! Chances of getting drugs that aren’t FDA approved are very high. Faking customer reviews is enough to know a Goose. Drugs-for-health lacks professional integrity it borders a scam. Medicine is a very sensitive area. Buy drugs from this site at your own risk.

Drugs-for-health.com Reviews 2016

With these irregularities, scamadviser.com and scamner.com can clear my doubts. My doubts are short-lived as Scamner.com opens with a thumb down red alert “BROWSING AND BUYING IN THIS WEBSITE IS NOT RECOMMENDED” and to add on this drugs-for-health.com was last updated 6 months ago.

Now you know why reviews had to be copy pasted. While we know that great online shops have a long period of existence, as for drugs-for-health it’s been registered for a year and it lacks any trust records.

Drugs-for-health.com is located in Gaidara, 50 st., Kyiv City, Ukraine which is a high-risk country. Please note that the owner address is hidden, very alarming.

Drugs-for-health.com Coupon Codes

Despite all the setbacks, I move to find out if they have any customer service promos. And yes, they have a free standard mail service on all orders valued at $200 and above. Also if you buy Cialis worth $359 you get free Airmail service at a reduced price of $30 for trackable service.


Drugs-For-Health.com opens with what seems to be pharmacists or chemists analyzing some chemical component before it gets used by a patient. This picture got my mind thinking, attention to details. But yes, the devil is in the details and so is it with this Drugs-For-Health. First, they don’t have a physical address, then they fake client reviews.

The fate of this online store got worse with every detail I dug deeper to find out with the final nail being hit by scamner.com.

Doctors are trained longer with a strict code to be able to handle fellow humans with minimal margins of error. Unfortunately, this same field has seen the upsurge of fakes taking advantage to swindle would be patients something that was never meant to be. It’s clear that Drugs-for-health is one of the online con stores and has nothing to do with drugs whatsoever.

I rate Drugs-For-Health.com at 1 out of 5 stars.

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