Drugs-24×7.com Review – Did Not Meet the Expectations of Previous Customers

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When I tried to search for Drugs-24×7.com I easily noticed a message clearly stating that the site cannot be reached and the address could not be found. The message implied that the domain is gone and the store is already out of service. It did not surprise me, though, that Drugs-24×7.com is gone because online stores just come and go without warning.

From the limited information I was able to gather, I learned that for several years Drugs-24×7.com offered generic and branded products that were manufactured by Indian companies and were Indian FDA approved. They had a host of categories of products including those for birth control, blood pressure, depression, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, hair loss, and a variety of other clinical and personal concerns. They also had herbal medicines, and men’s health and women’s health products, which were meds aimed at improving the sexual health of individuals.

I was unable to determine where the store operated from and when it was inaugurated. There was limited information on Drugs-24×7.com from the web, especially now that it’s already closed. However, it seems that the shop sold mostly Indian generic medications, so we can assume that the store did ship out its products mainly from India.

The men’s health products of Drugs-24×7.com included branded and generic drugs for erectile dysfunction. Their Viagra 100 mg had a cost that ranged from $0.35 to $3.66 per pill (depending on the specific manufacturer) and their Cialis 20 mg cost $0.77 to $3.55 per pill. These male sexual health meds were easily the bestsellers of Drugs-24×7.com, as with other online pharmacies.

The accepted payment methods on Drugs-24×7.com were credit cards, Bitcoin, and e-check payments. Buyers preferring Paypal and money orders were technically not allowed, as the shop only catered to clients who were able to pay via the recommended payment avenues.

Shipment was accomplished by Drugs-24×7.com via Airmail which took 2-4 weeks and cost $14.95 or via Express Mail Service which took 3-8 days and cost $24.95. These two same options were the common shipping choices buyers had from almost all online pharmacies–the Airmail and EMS/Express option just varied in price from one online store to another.

They offered free reshipping for damaged or incorrect products received, but the money back guarantee was unclear. Product returns were also not discussed on Drugs-24×7.com.

There was customer service available Mondays through Fridays from 9 AM to 8 PM EST. The toll-free number for the USA was +1-888-847-4420. The website also had a link for Live Customer Help, which was probably an online chat service.

However, since the shop Drugs-24×7.com is now closed and inaccessible, these contact details are inaccessible as well.

Drugs-24×7.com Reviews

There were reviews on the website, but because they seemed very unreliable, I opted to look for feedbacks from external sources. The on-site reviews from the web archives appeared to be copy-pasted by the store admins and were unverifiable. Although some of them may be true, I was not so sure if any of the comments were actually from “real” buyers.

I found one on an online pharmacy review site from a customer named Jane Parker who complained of not receiving her order. According to her story, it had been 9 weeks since she placed her order, but had not received anything. She said that she was given a tracking number, but when she used it, the USPS site would say that the number was unlisted. She tried calling customer service which at first told her of expected lengths of delivery time which were not carried out. She kept seeking assistance but they no longer responded to her.

The experience of Jane Parker with Drugs-24×7.com showed a bad customer service and the big possibility that this online store was a scam.

Drugs-24×7.com Reviews 2016

Present reviews for Drugs-24×7.com were not available, and it was primarily because the store’s already closed for some time. I used Scam Adviser to further test the reliability of Drugs-24×7.com. Most notable from the details is that the website had an undisclosed location.

This points to an owner trying to hide its identity and is a feature of fake and scam sites. Scam Adviser gave Drugs-24×7.com a 0% score and concludes that it might not be safe to use.

Drugs-24×7.com Coupon Codes

I did not find any coupon codes for Drugs-24×7.com, but it had some good deals such as the free airmail shipping for orders above $200, free courier shipping for orders above $300 and free ED pill packs for every order. However, since the store’s closed, there is really not much use to these deals from Drugs-24×7.com–there’s nothing to use them for.


Drugs-24×7.com offered a variety of Indian FDA approved products with acceptable prices. It also had some special offers such as free shipping and free ED pill packs. We found a bad customer review, however, which revealed the unreliability of their delivery of products and a high probability that customers were being scammed. Furthermore, the location of the owner and website is undisclosed, a feature of fraudulent vendors. For these reasons, I do not recommend Drugs-24×7.com. I would give it a score of 1 out of 5 and suggest looking for more reliable online pharmacies.

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