Drugmartdirect.com Review – Trusted Enough to Buy Meds

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DrugMartDirect.com is a Canadian low-priced prescription service, based on the copyright symbol by the Coastal Health Group at the bottom of their web page has been operating since 2001. Their mailing address puts them in the Winnipeg Manitoba area in Canada. Their main offerings are Prescription, Non-Prescription and Pet Medications. If you were interested in erectile dysfunction drugs, they offer both the generic and branded versions.

Viagra, for instance, can sell for $161 per 16 25mg tablets, the generic variant of similar amount sells for $6.62. The same can be said for Cialis; it sells for as much as $409.93 per 84 2.5mg tablets and its generic available for $47.70 per 90 2.5mg tablets. A prescription is required to obtain each.

Drug Mart Direct admits that not all its products are United States FDA-approved but they are approved by PharmacyChecker.com and the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). Payments are backed by Norton Shopping Guarantee and they accept Personal Checks, Money Orders, American Express and Mastercard. Shipments can take 2-4 weeks and are done to listed territories. If you want to purchase but do not live within their listed territories, you are encouraged to contact a Customer Service Agent. Information about the cost of shipment is not very forthcoming so I am unable to comment on that.

There is actually customer chat window that you are prompted to use. I successfully used it and was able to get information on refund policies from a Support Agent. If you live in the US you’re lucky because you can call and fax them toll-free. As for their refund policies, it is a little tricky and not exactly forthcoming. You are advised to contact a support agent since they do not accept returns on medications due to legislation. However, refunds are processed on a situational basis.

Drugmartdirect.com Reviews

On the seller’s website, they have linked reviews from canadapharmacyreviews.com to their web page. The reviews are all positive. Jeff has praised their professionalism. Another customer, Arthur, is able to identify to agents by name, showing that the experience is very professional and personalized. Herbert has indicated that he would be a repeat customer.

Positive reviews on the independent website linked to the seller’s website show that the organization is trying to portray itself as transparent. It should also be noted that the seller also has had recent positive reviews on their Facebook page. In fact, DrugMartDirect has a 4.8 rating on their Facebook page which shows that the comments are not necessarily fake, because if I were generating fake comments I would always give myself five stars.

In a world where customer service is always lacking, comments are fake and websites block persons from posting any sort of reviews, I am pleased that I can actually search for DrugMartDirect.com and be presented with actual reviews from multiple sites, social media accounts and persons. In the conversation I had with the support agent, I was encouraged to “Like” the company’s Facebook page and promised a discount if I did so.

Drugmartdirect.com Reviews 2017

Moving forward (time wise) the company has retained its stellar reputation.

Sheldon’s expectations were exceeded and he praised them for informing and explaining to him where his drugs were coming from and how it would be shipped. R Neal also talks about his experience and singles out an employee for offering him much needed assistance. DrugMartDirect.com is verified legit by pharmacy checker and has a 4.7 overall rating on candadpharmacyreviews.com

Drugmartdirect.com Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, I have not come across any coupon codes for this website. The only incentive I have to actually shop here is the promise of a 5% discount if I like their Facebook page. Honestly that not very motivating or promising to some.

Yes, we’re in 2017 and everyone is expected to have a Facebook account but let’s admit, there are a lot of technophobes out here who would prefer not to be on Facebook. Yes, they may use a computer but some still are skeptical about the use of social media platforms. I believe the DrugMartDirect.com has potential to lose customers because of its lack of incentives. The economy is unpredictable and persons (me included) are always seeking to save as much as we can and hope to benefit from as many discounts as possible.


Usually, I am very skeptical of online shopping (actually all shopping) but the idea of buying drugs and getting my prescription filled out online never really appealed to me for several reasons. In a case of life/death, I may want my prescription immediately buying online doesn’t allow for that especially if the product comes from India. What if I have a supply of drugs that I need to take every day and my package gets lost and I am without, what next?

Anyways, my intention is not to bash DrugMartDirect.com but more so to assess whether they are legitimate or presenting a scam to the world. They seem to be legitimate but there are little things that irked me. The lack of information about shipping cost. I believe I read somewhere on the website that you would see it on your invoice. I want to know how much I am going to be spending on shipping before I commit to the process. I also wasn’t very comfortable with the fact that I had to assume their start of operations based on a copyright symbol seen at the bottom of their website.

They weren’t terrible but there is room for improvement. My rating is a 3.5 simply because those things were lacking. I would buy from them but only when they make their shipping fees transparent.

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