Correctol Reviews: Stool Softener from a Pharma Giant with Limited Availability

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Correctol Stool Softener belongs to the family of Docusate Sodium. The main function of this medication is to assist patients who are experiencing constipation.

It helps increasing water absorption in the stool to make it soft and easier to pass, thus reducing pain and damage primarily caused by hard stools. Correctol can also be used in certain cases: as preparation before surgery or as maintenance after operation that requires soft bowel movements. Moreover, doctors also may prescribe docusate to patients for other uses that are not mentioned in the usual indications list. Docusate can be taken either orally through tablets, capsules and syrup or enema. It usually produces positive outcome 12 to 72 hours after intake at bedtime or 15 minutes to one hour after enema application.

The manufacturer of Correctol is MSD Consumer Care, Inc. It is one of the major distributors of over the counter medications for cough and cold remedies, diet supplements, everyday health supplements and women and child health products in the United States. This is a subsidiary of Merck & Co. Inc.

Correctol Reviews

Although Correctol is being manufactured by a known pharmaceutical company, we did not find any customer reviews online. It is very important to get testimonials from actual patients, who took the medication, to further prove the effectiveness, but after doing in-depth research online to gather data, we were unable to find statements and ratings. The efficacy and tolerability of a medication can only be attested by consumers, thus making customer reviews very essential. Even acknowledging the company’s outstanding credibility, we still recommend consultation with a doctor before taking Correctol in order to prevent suffering from side effects or improper treatment. Also, you can try other brands which are highly-rated by patients. Safety and precaution should still be the priority.

Pricing and Dosage

Correctol is packed with 30 softgels, which cost $4.81. It is recommended to take one to three softgels per day for age twelve and up. One softgel per day is advised for the age within 2 to below 12, while those under 2 years old need a consultation with the doctor before taking Correctol. It is known to relieve constipation, so expect smooth bowel movements and soft stools 12-72 hours after intake.
Correctol Pricing
There are also other forms in tablet, syrup, rectal enema and compounding powder, but all should be taken as directed.

How to Buy Correctol Online

After a long web research it seems that the product’s manufacturer discontinued the product, and it is not widely available online. We were only able to find one link where you can buy Correctol Softgel Extra Gentle online.

How to Use Correctol

Like any other medications, Correctol (Docusate Sodium) must be taken as directed on the label or advised by the doctor. Do not take it for long periods or larger amounts without proper guidance. Do not break or crush the tablet, but rather swallow it whole. For syrup, use a measuring device to get the desired dose. You can also try mixing the syrup with milk or fruit juice. Increase fluid intake while on the medication to further assist stool softening. For rectal enema, position the patient on the left side of the body while lying and on bended knees. Insert the applicator into the rectum and squeeze all contents. Remember that enema requires empty bladder and bowel and it is not allowed for oral intake.

Correctol Side Effects

There are notes of common side effects of Docusate like diarrhea, gas, irritation of the rectum, bloating and bitter taste however, if these common symptoms are experienced at long periods, you need to seek for medical attention. Also, be cautious of some serious allergic reactions that may take place like difficulty of breathing, chest pain, rashes, itching, swelling of the mouth, lips and face plus nausea and vomiting.


Correctol with the generic name Docusate Sodium is primarily used to treat and prevent constipation. It makes the bowel muscles absorb higher quantities of liquid to make the stool soft and produce smooth bowel movement. It also prevents the rectal area from experiencing pain in instances of hard stools.

Due to the absence of customer reviews, we cannot affirm that Correctol is equally effective like the other brands. Also, there are limited stocks available online, so we highly suggest observing extra precautions in taking this medication as the effectiveness is not yet proven by actual consumers. Despite the outstanding credibility of MSD Consumer Care, Inc., it is still wiser to consider customer reviews.

Having this information on hand, we highly recommend consultation with the doctor before purchasing Correctol. We can give a 3 out of 5 rating for the product despite the lack of reviews, by relying on the manufacturer’s remarkable values in the pharmaceutical industry.

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