Review – A “Store” which does not Sell Anything

[show-testimonials taxonomy='{current_page_id}' orderby='menu_order' order='ASC' layout='grid' options='theme:card,info-position:info-above,text-alignment:left,columns:1,rating:on,charlimitextra: (...),image-size:ttshowcase_small,image-shape:circle,image-effect:none,image-link:on'] is a modest, uninviting store with only one page with a long list of available products, a short preface for the store’s service, and nothing more. The shop’s name is “Cheap Pharmacies”, which was so because the store does the work of several online pharmacies when catering to its consumers’ needs. Seeing this store’s state, I believe that this site is out of business due to its unkempt, seemingly empty appearance. There is no data on the store concerning its business details, as well as information concerning its products, and it’s as if the data on the shop is being erased little by little.

The store listed all its products in one long list and arranged the products alphabetically. You can find products such as Valium, Ultram, Xanax, Propecia, Lasix, Elavil, Diflucan, and several other products. There are no product categories on the website, only the extensive product list. Although the store has a search function available, it is still confusing to browse for products on Cheap Pharmacys due to its lack of categorization for its products.

There are erectile dysfunction products accessible on the store such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. But as I browsed the products, I only saw brief product descriptions for the items in the store, and the meds have no prices in them. Because the products have no prices in them, I think that this store is already closed. Although this store is still online, it may have stopped serving the clients and is not selling anything for the buyers. I also don’t think that the shop has been converted to an informational website for drugs since the information shared for each product is really too scanty. The store may have ceased operating but its domain is still registered, thus the working, but empty website.

There is nothing on the web indicating Cheap Pharmacy’s ceasing of operation. I tried using Google for this shop’s status, but I was unable to get details for this online pharmacy. The store did not provide any information sections in the store, so there’s really nothing to discover about I was unable to know where it is operating from when the service started, or the main purpose of the store. It is puzzling why an almost empty site still exists—the store does not endorse the sale of any product or endorse any other website. Reviews

Because I was curious about Cheap Pharmacys, I tried searching for available reviews for this online pharmacy. Although I’ve scoured the web for online reviews and mentions for this store, I was unable to find anything referring to from the internet.

Websites without buyer mentions are usually dubious because stores which are unreviewed are probably unpopular for some unknown reason. The present state of makes it unsurprising that the web store did not have reviews—personally, I won’t be going for an online platform without anything sold in it.

I searched the web for information on, but I was unsuccessful in knowing what the store was up to during the past years. I did not see if the store was formerly a good site, or if Cheap Pharmacys has been empty for years. Reviews 2017

Since this store is still technically active, I searched for reviews for this website, but I was again disappointed because no comments exist for the store for the present year. In order to discover more details for Cheap Pharmacys despite the lack of reviews on the shop.

I used Scam Adviser to check on the status of Cheap Pharmacys and I was surprised that the store had a high trust rating from the evaluation platform. The store given to is 88/100, but the domain’s owner is “Amazon”.

The shop’s age is actually 17 years and there were no issues noted for this website. It appears, though, that the domain’s already purchased by Amazon and does not belong to the original website owner.

Cheap Pharmacys’ score from Scamner, on the other hand, was really low. The store only had a 2% score for its service due to issues concerning the site’s SSL certificate. did not have a lot of visitors, and although the store has not yet been reported as unsafe, the shop was still identified as a high-risk website. Coupon Codes

The store Cheap Pharmacys is an empty site and there are no coupon codes available on the store. The shop did not even have prices for its products, so it is not really surprising that the shop does not offer discounts or free shipping or free pills on products advertised on the platform.


The store is a unique shop—it has products listed, but the store does not offer prices and order information on its platform. There is no clue why this store turned to an empty website; however, the shop did not have information going back to the time it still functioned as an online drugstore.

Today, is owned by Amazon, and I am still confused about the shop’s purpose. Since this store clearly is not selling anything, I won’t be recommending its use to buyers, and I suggest clients visit other sites for their medical needs.

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