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Cheap RX is a medication store network that focuses on distributing medications worldwide. The store network boasts a huge number of customers and repeating clients who amount to over a million people. The drugstore network only focuses on distributing FDA approved drugs. This means that you will have a 0% chance of getting narcotics or controlled substances on any one of the drug stores that operates under the Cheap RX network. For this reason, this network has the ability to distribute their meds without actually asking you to fax in a prescription script. It does not matter whether you need brand name medications or generic drugs. You will have the ability to get both of these at the Cheap RX pharmacy network.

It is very easy to get tricked into buying from a fake pharmacy without knowing while you are dealing with a pharmacy network. Pharmacy websites in the pharmacy network look similar but have different domain addresses. Therefore, if a scammer duplicates a pharmacy network site and places it on his domain addresses and you happen to use this domain address without knowing, you will get scammed without knowing. The best thing to do is to know that a domain address is 100% unique before you use it.

Cheap RX Reviews

Cheap RX has a large number of reviews. All of these are positive. This makes it easier for you to order from the network without fearing anything. We have included part of the reviews here to ensure that you don’t waste your time looking for the reviews.

Cheap RX User Feedback

It is always a nice thing to order from an online pharmacy network you are sure delivers to all parts of the world. The reviewers above prove that Cheap RX delivers to all countries. They all come from different countries. Sarah is from Spain, Piter is from Italy, and Barbara is from Sweden. Despite these reviewers being based in different countries, their orders arrived on time. Barbara even says that her order arrived earlier than she was expecting.

The reviewers say that the customer support department in the Cheap RX network offers great services. They even indicate that the services they received were not available in other medical stores. The satisfaction that these people have gotten is 100%. One of the reviewers is happy to order again from the Cheap RX network.

Cheap RX Online

A good pharmacy network is the one that offers its users a chance to figure out what they should do on the pharmacy website within a few seconds of looking at it. Instead of complicating things, the Cheap RX pharmacy network offers its users a chance to locate what they need in a few moments, add it to the cart and checkout without troubles. This has been achieved by all the Cheap RX pharmacy websites having a simple look. To understand the kind of simple look we are talking about, you can check out the following Homepage you get after loading any one of the Cheap RX network drug stores:

Cheap RX Home

The Alphabets you notice beneath the navigation bar are included here to help you locate your medications faster. If you already know the name of your medication, you will only need to click the letter the name starts with to get a result page with all the meds whose names start with that letter. You will have the ability to choose your meds from this page. A faster way to locate your meds is through searching using the search bar. As you type the name of your medication, the website will autocomplete the name and hence be making it easier for you to locate the medication.

There are hundreds of drugs in this pharmacy network which is why reason you are provided with options to make your search easier. You will get drugs to treat almost every health condition. You will get painkillers, diabetes drugs, depression medications, sleeping aids, weight loss meds, skin care, pain relief meds, gastrointestinal meds, and more. As long as you are interested in buying FDA approved meds, you will find them at any of the Cheap RX network drug stores.

Cheap RX Coupon Codes

There are two coupon codes which we found on an external website. These coupons are HZ-4725 and IL-9158. You will pay 10% less if you use these coupons at checkout.

Cheap RX Discount Offers at Checkout

You get bonus pills in the shopping cart. You can choose to receive free Cialis, Viagra, or Levitra. Airmail shipping is free as long as your order exceeds $200. EMS shipping charges are waived as long as your order is worth more than $300. Irrespective of whether you are a repeat client or a new client, you will always get a 10% automatic discount.

Cheap RX Phone Numbers

For people who would like to ask questions or have a certain issue resolved as quickly as possible, the telephone numbers to use are +1-718-487-9792 and +4420-3239-7092. If your issue is not an emergency, you can shoot the pharmacy agents an email via their contact page using their contact form.

Cheap RX Spam and Phone Calls

Spam phone calls are annoying. So can be the spam emails some pharmacy networks send previous buyers to try and make them buy again without them willing to. The Cheap RX pharmacy network is not involved in any one of these lame activities. They will only email you if they are telling you about your order. They almost never call.


For a pharmacy network that has been going strong for 20+ years, we can only depict that this is a network that focuses on ensuring the services and drugs they are selling meet all great standards and they are of help to those who purchase and use them. The store makes sure that you get your drugs on time. They will even deliver meds sooner than you expect as one of the reviewers has confirmed. Cheap RX deserves a 5-star rating.

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