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When I tried to access, I was greeted with the advertisement that the domain was already on sale. It was an online store that sold both brand and generic pills from FDA approved companies but did not require prescriptions for purchases. Although I was able to obtained archived data for the store, I was still unable to determine when the shop started its operations or where it operated from. The store, though, stated that it shipped out its meds from India, as they were mostly manufactured in the country.

They had a long categories list which included: Birth Control, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Diuretics, Men’s ED Packs, Mental Illness, Motion Sickness, Penis Enlargement, Quit Smoking, Skin Care, Sleeping Aids, and other medical categories. The products available on the store—based on the archived information—are a lot, indicating that the store was nearly as replete as any ground pharmacy.

Amongst the multitude of meds, the bestsellers were Cipro at $0.71 a pill, Cialis at $1.31, Propecia at $0.71, Viagra at $0.92 and Lasix at $0.38. Viagra and Cialis were meds for erectile dysfunction, Propecia was a drug for male pattern baldness, Cipro was an antibiotic, and Lasix was a drug classified as a diuretic.

For payments of orders placed, they accepted main credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, and American Express, and e-checks. After the payments were processed, the products would then be shipped using either the trackable courier which took 5-9 days or the airmail service which took 14-21 days. shipped to countries worldwide, although there were some exceptions (which the shop did not indicate).

If any products received are damaged or if any are missing, they would resend the package or give a refund. In the same way, if the package was not received by the expected or stated delivery time, they would also reship or give the payment back.

It was contacted through its US toll-free number +1 877 888 9761 or UK number +44 2036081340, had live support and also had a Contact Us page for messages. Like most online stores, did not have a live chat function, which left potential buyers using the message box or the phone numbers to contact the store instead. Reviews had a Testimonials Page which has 41 customer testimonials in it. Most of the customers who gave feedback said that they received the pills as scheduled, but some said it took time before their packages arrived. They also reported the effectiveness of the medicines to address their sexual and intimacy problems.

Most of the customers named in the Testimonials Page were from areas in the UK and US.

One customer named Suzan shared that she used the Indian herbal products and then she lost some weight and looked joyful. Similarly, Isabella from Rome gave feedback about the product Ayurslim which she used to lose weight.

Another customer, Charles from Paris, said that “this service is good” and that it was already his third time to order. He ordered the Smok-ox which helped him in quitting smoking. He did say that sometimes the orders may come late, but it was ok because he understood how the order process worked.

It should be noted that these good feedbacks were seen on the website and not in external review platforms and so they may not be showing a full picture of Reviews 2016

Because there are no customer reviews outside of the site and to find more evaluations of the site, I used Scamner and Legit Script. Actual buyer reviews from “real” clients (on review platforms) would have been extremely helpful; but since none existed, I just thought it best to check status on reliable web platforms.

Scamner gave a rating of 3% and does not recommend browsing and buying on the website. It revealed that the website does not own an SSL Certificate, possibly compromising the data of customers. In addition, the website does not have too many visitors and the details of the company are hidden.

Legit Script also judged to be a rogue pharmacy website. In any circumstance, the rating “rogue” means nothing good. The rogue rating is equivalent to being unreliable and untrustworthy, based on the standards set by Legit Script. Coupon Codes did not have coupon codes, but it had special packages of drugs for erectile dysfunction. There were a couple of so-called “ED packs”.

For example, the “Super Advanced Pack” had 10 pills of Viagra 100mg, 10 pills of Cialis 10mg, 10 pills of Viagra Soft 50mg and 10 pills of Cialis Soft 20 mg and it was sold for $91.68.

Conclusion sold branded and generic pills and other products manufactured in and shipped from India. It had a long list of categories of items and had special offers and packages of drugs for erectile dysfunction. Several customers gave good feedback on the effectiveness of the products but admitted that there were times when deliveries would come late. There were no reviews found external to the website, though, and scam analyzing sites considered unsafe. Finally, the domain for this website is already for sale. For those reasons, I cannot recommend using it at present. I give it a rate of 1 out of 5.

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