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I recently visited and I thought that the shop’s out of business due to its outdated image. The shop’s name is actually Cheap Online UK Pills and is also alternatively called as Drugstore 4 Men, and claims that it is the number one site for male enhancement and also claims as the word leader in natural herbal medications. Based on the shop’s information, the store already catered to some 700,000 clients during its lifetime, with most of the consumers coming from Europe, North America, and other international locations. The store, though, did not state if it is indeed operating out of the United Kingdom but has its addresses in London and Arizona. The store also did not state when its service started, but the store has a “2003” date on its website.

Cheap Online UK Pills/Drugs 4 Men/Cheap Online only has a handful of products available. This store only vends herbal alternatives for impotence remedies, such as Max Vigra (Viagra alternative), Pro Calis+ (Cialis alternative), SoftV 100 mg, SoftCialo, Last-Longer (for premature ejaculation), and Female Libido Diva (Viagra for women). Despite the “natural” characteristic of the products sold by, the store claims that the products on its shop are proven effective when it comes to “curing” erectile dysfunction and that the products’ effectiveness is backed by research and “multiple clinical studies”. Plus, Cheap Online UK Pills also asserts that its products are able to give better results (i.e. longer erections) than the brand-name products available on the market. Also, this store claims that its prices are 20 times lower than the local pharmacy prices for the iconic brands for erectile dysfunction treatment.

As for the pricing, sells its Viagra alternative, Max Viagra 100 mg from Naturomeds Labs/Tulip Inc. for $1.66 per pill but for a minimum of 60 pills ($99.95); on the other hand, sells its Cialis alternative, Pro Calis+ for $1.83 per pill but for a minimum of 60 pills ($109.95). Since these medications are herbal products, patients taking these products can be procured even without prescriptions.

I like that the store also posted the shipping costs along with the drug prices on the store. The basic (registered) shipping option is $14.95 per order, while the express shipping costs $24.95 per order. The meds on the shop may be purchased using MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, and VISA credit cards.

Although did not discuss refunds, the store has its 100%, full money-back guarantee 60 days from any buyer’s order, should they be dissatisfied. Also, mentioned that all of its products are shipped via FedEx or DHL, so the buyers can expect their orders in 3-6 days. If not received within 7 business days, buyers are advised to contact the shop via its contact page. Reviews

External reviews for Cheap Online UK Pills are unavailable, but the shop has comments posted from its former buyers on its testimonials section.

According to an anonymous buyer, delivered her items promptly and thanks the shop for her husband’s pills.

Sam Drover (from New York) exclaimed on how effective the herbal meds were and referred to the product as a “miracle formula”. According to Sam, the product did not have side effects like Viagra did, and the pills worked just as good as the brand-name product.

Sam Burnet (from London) also mentioned that the pills worked “great” and that he did not have side effects as a result of the medications. Also, according to him, the product worked in about an hour.

More comments from pleased consumers were given for the products of, but since these comments were from the shop’s site, we can’t be sure if these are real comments from real buyers, or if these consumer reports are only fabricated by Reviews 2017

Concerning more recent comments, did not have any buyer commendations from the present year. Review sites and forum websites do not have mentions of from clients, so it is hard to evaluate based on real buyer experiences.

Because of this, I preferred using several platforms to evaluate the domain I was surprised that the store had a perfect score from Scam Adviser, and was therefore given a high trust rating.

According to Scam Adviser, is running for about 13 years to date and its owner country is traced to Luxembourg, while its website location is identified in the United States. There are no issues identified for this shop’s domain, thus the excellent trust score. Coupon Codes

If you’re looking for coupons, you won’t find any at Cheap Online UK Pills. However, the store appears to give away free pills on every purchase.

If you’ll look closely at the price list, you can see that the shop gives away at least 20 pills per order, as the shop is currently running a June promotional offer of 50% more pills with every order. Free shipping is also available on the store; free registered shipping is given to orders above $200, and free express shipping is given to buyers with orders greater than $319.


Cheap Online UK Pills is a peculiar store, as instead of offering generic alternatives to the iconic erectile dysfunction brands, the store offers natural/herbal remedies which it claims are better, if not as good as the famed impotence treatments.

Although the store’s offers are tempting, I can’t recommend the use of this website due to its lack of reviews for its service from reliable, third-party review sources. I will rate this store 2 out of 5.

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