Canadian-Pharmshop-24× Reviews – Another Scam from Czech

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Canadian-Pharmshop-24× appears as a reputable pharmacy. But that’s not the case. Instead, the company is among the worst rated pharmacies around the world. It has a low trust score on several review platforms. Following, we are going to review the pharmacy and its current rating on several platforms. We will conclude whether you should trust this brand or not. So, stick with us.

Canadian-Pharmshop-24× sounds like a Canadian company. But it’s not, it’s from Europe, specifically the Czech Republic. The given address is Sokolovska Karlin, and there are two numbers provided for contact.

The Given numbers are +1800-490-06-18 for American Users and +4420-4901-5906 for European users. Maintaining two numbers dedicated to different audiences shows dedication. However, we don’t expect the company to be committed towards its clientele. The company indulges in fraudulent practices and rips money off their clients.

Canadian-Pharmshop-24× Approvals and Certifications



ScamAdviser kickstarts our review with an interesting take. The platform gave Canada Drugs a low rating of 9% out of 100%. This is one of the lowest ratings we have seen so far. The website origins from Poland, but it is debated that it originates from the Netherlands. The website suffers from several other security issues with the likes of High-security risk, malicious content, etc.

We are only talking about the website, not the pharmacy or the product it offers. It is perhaps the first time, but we will suggest you stay away from this site, Its best for you.



The Canadian International Pharmacy Association has labeled Canadian-Pharmshop-24× as “Invalid”. Yes, Canada Drugs failed to obtain the CIPA Seal of Trust. It shouldn’t be a deal breaker because CIPA has only rewarded this seal to 60 or something pharmacies so far.



LegitScript has gone on to label Canadian-Pharmshop-24× as a Rogue pharmacy. According to this review site, this pharmacy engages in lousy business practices and deals in counterfeit products. The company does nothing but to deceive their customers to milk more money out of them.

Canadian-Pharmshop-24× Reviews


The Canadian-Pharmshop-24× or Canada Drugs has no reviews on TrustPilot. This is rather interesting because TrustPilot is among the most trusted and popular review sites. We are surprised to see the pharmacy has no community on this trustworthy review site.

The reviews and scores are none, and this doesn’t give a positive impression about Canadian-Pharmshop-24× or Canada Drugs. Honestly, this isn’t a surprise because everything we discovered suggests the site isn’t auspicious.


WOT gave Canada Drugs the worst rating we have seen so far. The Safety Rating is Unknown, and Reputation score is only 0.1/5. The Trustworthiness score is 1/100 and child safety score is 14/100. There are only two customer reviews that give this site a meagre rating. The user criticises the website and their bad services. This clearly shows that you should not trust this pharmacy.

Canadian-Pharmshop-24× Google Reviews

There is no Canada Drugs review on Google. We tried our best to offer the most authentic review of Canada Drugs, and we tried to dig as deep as possible. But we were unable to obtain any Google reviews.

The Company doesn’t have any business profile on the search engine. This is something the company should change quickly.

Canadian-Pharmshop-24× Coupon Codes

The company doesn’t offer any initiatives to keep hold of its clients. Yes, there are no discount offers or coupons that will help you save any money. This clearly shows the company doesn’t care about you. Instead, it only cares about how much money you have. The company is just after the money, nothing else.


After reviewing everything, we have only one thing to say, Canadian-Pharmshop-24× is a scam. The Company doesn’t have any silver lining, and it bugs us. We researched around and tried our best to offer some positive insights but to no avail. Therefore, we will suggest you stay away from this platform.

We give Canadian-Pharmshop-24× 1 out of 5 stars.

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