Canadian Online Drugs Reviews – A Risky Website Rated as Scam

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Canadian Online Drugs or Canadian Drug Store is an online store based in Canada that sells generic and brand name versions of a wide range of drugs. The three year old pharmacy offers ED and Sexual Health drugs as their featured products but customers can also shop under different other health conditions like Allergy, Cardiovascular, Eye Care, Skin Care, Weight Loss, Urinary Tract, Pain Medicine and many more. All the drugs are approved and verified by India FDA and delivered to customers through licensed Indian manufacturers.

In addition to their wide product options, the prices listed are also very competitive but not the lowest available on online pharmacies. For example, generic Viagra is available for just $1.05 per pill but few online pharmacies are selling generic Viagra for as low as $0.56. Generic Cialis is available for just $1.68 per pill that may be lower than retail price but cheaper online options are also available. On the other hand, the website offers 10% discount on the price offered by any other online pharmacy.

The online store offers 24/7 customer service through their two North American and Europe based phone contacts, emails and email order. Available payment options include Visa, American Express and MasterCard credit cards. Shipping is available in every country and takes 14 to 21 business days based on the type of shipping method selected. Online tracking is available which allows customer to keep track of their ordered package. Reviews

The online reputation of Canadian Online Drugs is very poor. Not only they lack genuine customer feedback that is very limited, but the available online reviews are all negative with a very low trust rating and warnings from scam alert websites. The only form of positive feedback is in the form of testimonials available on their own website with a questionable authenticity as they are moderated by the staff. All the testimonials are also mostly a thank you note about delivered products with not much substance about their quality and other services. Reviews

Prior to 2014, there is no customer feedback but the website was reported at different online sources as fake, scam and part of a network that operates similar online pharmacies.

On top of lack of genuine feedback, the online pharmacy is also listed as rogue pharmacy by Legit Script. Legit Script is an online source that verifies and validates online pharmacies against set of verification standards set for pharmacies that failed to meet. Reviews 2014 / 2015

In 2014 and 2015, the reviews remained limited and online reputation also remained negative. On 12th June, 2014, one customer complained about financial loss and called them scam. According to customer, he was delivered wrong Rx drugs that were delivered from Singapore instead of Canada and customer service failed to resolve his problem. He called customer service rude and lost his money that was not refunded to him. Reviews 2014 2015

As the online reputation is very poor with complaints about financial loss, the website is a serious risk to do business with. We advise our readers to not to do any business with them. Coupon Codes

In addition to their attractive and market competitive prices, the online store allows customers to save more on their orders. Some of their featured and popular deals are as follows.

  • Men’s Power Packs. The online pharmacy offers special discounted prices on their Men’s Powerpacks that contains a combination of Viagra and Cialis. The Powerpack offers prices that start from $0.62 per pill.
  • 10% Discount from Any Other Pharmacy. One of the most unique and attractive deals they offer is to sell drugs at 10% discount than any other online pharmacy.
  • Free Delivery. The online store offers free shipping for every order via regular delivery method.
  • Free Bonus Pills. The online store allows customers to choose between 4 Viagra bonus pills or 2 Cialis bonus pills with their orders for every order than contains 60 or more generic pills.

Coupon codes or any other additional deals are currently not available but customers can check back later for live coupon codes.


The structure and design of the website is very attractive and sleek with web content in three different languages and prices available in three major currencies. The website also allows customers to compare between the brand name and generic versions of the same medicine and their prices. Even though, the online store offers wide range of products, but prices of their generics are not lowest in the market as there are few other online pharmacies which sell generics at much cheaper prices. Customer reviews or feedback is not available in any form except testimonials on their own website. Trust rating from scam alert websites is also low as it is listed as risky and rogue online pharmacy. Due to listed reasons, the website deserves 1 out of 5 stars in terms of ranking and not recommended for our readers.

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