Canadamedicineshop Reviews – A Pharmacy That is Rated as Scam Other Than Own Testimonials

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Canada Medicine Shop now running as Canada Pharmacy is an online drug pharmacy that provides medication services for a wide range of health issues. For using the services, users have to log on to which is the newly acquired web address. The online store claims to have more than 500,000 satisfied customers and patients. It started in 2001 and has been successfully running since then. The online store is one of the leading online medical stores in Canada.

The pharmacy website offers a wide variety of medication facilities for health issues such as Diabetes, Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Sexual Health, Acne care, diet and digestive care and many others. Medicines are available in different sizes to adjust to the customer requirement. The website provides a complete drug description elaborating mentioning the product details, directions of use, cautions and side effects facilitating the buyers to choose accordingly. The prices are affordable with attractive buying offers. For example four 50mg tablets of Viagra sildenafil are available for $ 55 and a 100gram Ibuprofen Deep Relief Gel is priced at $31.

Customers can order their drugs by first emailing a valid prescription. Orders can be made online or through phone calls. The online store also offers three attractive shipping offers for ease of the customers. These offers can be found on the official website. Users can also contact the online pharmacy through the online support form or through email to get their queries resolved. Reviews

The online pharmacy has an attractive testimonial forum where buyers share their experience with Canada Medicine Shop. From the available reviews, it is quite easy to conclude that users have shown their trust and satisfaction with the online store. Gary seems to be very satisfied with the product and says he would recommend it to his friends and family.

Similarly, Jean applauded the savings offers from Canada Medicine Shop: Reviews

Flora seems to be happy with her experience of the online store saying that the website offers wide variety of products at reasonable prices: Reviews1

On the third party review websites, most users also showed dissatisfaction with the online store. Claudia Carlstens, a customer, says she did not receive any medicine and advised other users to avoid the website: Reviews2

Randy Lorenz, another unhappy customer claimed that the website is scam and people should avoid buying from them: Reviews3

Overall, the website is rated as scam by most customers and the trust rating is also low by scam alert websites. Use of multiple domains to direct customers to their website is also unethical online practice. Reviews 2015

Canada Medicine has received flattering responses over the recent days but only on their own website. Ross says that the shopping is much easier on Canada Medicine Shop: Reviews 2015

John complimented the easy user interface of the website, saying: Reviews 20151

Independent websites, however, have a completely different opinion about this online store. According to authentic websites such as “legitscript”, Canada Medicine Shop is unauthorized to sell medical products. Reviews 20152

Overall, the online store is a risky website to do business with due to low trust rating and poor feedback from customers on third party websites. Coupon Codes

The online store offers attractive coupons and buying offers to provide ease for the customers especially when they intend to buy medicines in bulk.

The website offers free shipping for life to customers to tie the knot for a lifelong relation with the website: Coupon Codes

The online store offers an attractive scheme by offering its customers $50 for each customer reference. All the users have to do is to share their positive experiences of Canada Medicine Shop with their friend and refer the website to them. In this way, both the customers get a $50 each that applies on their future orders. The reference can be done through email or by downloading the online available referral card.

For the moment, these are the available coupons offered by the website. Riding on the success of these offered coupons, more coupon codes and offers may be expected in future.

Conclusion now known as Canada Pharmacy is a leading Canadian Pharmacy Store that offers medication services for several human health issues as Erectile Dysfunction, Cholesterol, hearing and sight issues and many others. It also provides pet medications. According to the website itself, the customers have enjoyed their service and vowed to continue ordering from Canada Medicine Shop. However, the website has not received encouraging reviews from independent websites. Lack of positive reviews from independent websites has earned this website a rating of 2.5 out of 5.

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