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We will review today. This online pharmacy site has been creating a buzz for all the right reasons, and we are curious whether it has all the bells or whistles, nor not. is a Canadian internet pharmacy. The company is very transparent with its clients and offers everything from its address to contact details on the homepage. Yes, you don’t need to search for it, everything is given on the website.

The registered address is 8322-130TH Street, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. The contact number is 1-877-900-3784. The company even shares its CanDrug License number for everyone to verify, its #18985 (6045438711). Approvals and Certifications


Canada Drugs Online Scamadviser

This is rather interesting. ScamAdviser gave Canada Drugs Online an average score with a 66 out of 100. It’s fair to say we have seen way worse ratings. Therefore you can hope to get good medicine in good rates with this pharmacy.

Like always, ScamAdviser goes ahead and provides a detailed review of this internet pharmacy; it offers nerd statistics and customer reviews. We won’t say that everyone is pleased with this pharmacy, but things are not as bad as we anticipated. So yes, we will commend Canada Drugs Online.


Canada Drugs Online cipa is an active Member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. According to CIPA, Canada Drugs Online meets all safety standards which includes requiring a prescription, dispenses its products via a licensed pharmacy, being completely transparent with the audience and keeping their information secure. The company also takes important steps to ensure your financial data is well protected.

This makes us rather confident about this pharmacy. Sure, there will be some negative reviews, and we must take them into consideration. But this is a major win for this pharmacy.


Canada Drugs Online LegitScript

LegitScript begs to think differently from CIPA. According to Legit, is a Rogue website. There are no customer reviews given on the pharmacy checker, but we believe LegitScript has a good reason for making this assumption.

LegitScript defines a rogue pharmacy as an internet pharmacy which violates or helps to violate the applicable laws and regulation of the medical industry. It does so by following poor practices of prescription, sale and dispensing of medicine.

According to Legit, indulges in fraudulent and deceptive business practices. It doesn’t meet the safety standards of pharmacy and violates several other causes. Therefore, it strictly advises you against buying from Canada Drugs Online.


Canada Drugs Online Pharmacychecker

This is yet another win for PharmacyChecker has included it in its verified online pharmacies. Therefore, if you have your doubts about this internet pharmacy, this should help clear them. The checker goes ahead and provides a detailed review. Fortunately, Canada Drugs online checks all the boxes. The contact info and address are mentioned clearly in case you didn’t read it before. Reviews


TrustPilot gave Average ratings. It scored a 2 out of 5! Well, that isn’t all impressive, but there was something concerning. The pharmacy checker has two customer reviews. While the last is very positive going to lengths of saying there is nothing to complain about, the second one is negative.

The client says, he has been waiting for 8-9 weeks to receive his meds, but still nothing. It calls for concern, but we have seen way worse things. We hope the company gets back to him and clears the matter.

Canada Drugs Online Trustpilot


WOT also gave an average review. There is no Safety Rating, but the site scores a 2.4 rating on Reputation. The trustworthiness score is 47/100, and Child Safety 32/100. The safety rating breakdown is varied of Adult Content, Privacy Risk and Scam. It also has 33 customer reviews, most of them are positive.

Canada Drugs Online wot Google Reviews

The company doesn’t have a registered Profile on Google, and hence we couldn’t grab anything. We did our research, but there was nothing we could do. Coupon Codes

With everything we found so far, Canada Drugs Online seems like a company that cares about its customers. Despite the few negative reviews, it seems like a trustworthy company. We said it cares about the customers because it offers quality products with quick delivery. On top of that, it cares about customer loyalty and offers several discount coupons.

Trusted Pharmacies Reporting

Scam Canadian Pharmacies Reporting


Considering everything, we will say Canada Drugs Online is a trustworthy site. Yes, there are some negative reviews. But they are mostly complaining about late delivery. We agree it’s not ideal, but the company doesn’t compromise on product quality, and only cashes your money when it dispenses your order. In the end, the company can use some improvements but it won’t rob you.

We rate on 4 star out of 5 rating.

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