Bless Reviews: Not Commonly Prescribed Antibiotic

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Note: Image of Bless’ active ingredient Cefadroxil is available in 250mg, 500mg tablet and liquid preparation. Brand name Bless is not widely known and image of this brand is not available on the manufacturer’s or any resellers’ website.

Cefadroxil is a prescription antibiotic that belongs to ‘cephalosporin’ drug line.

It interferes and inhibits bacterial growth and is widely used for treatment of several bacterial infections, such as, but not limited to urinary tract infection, skin and soft-tissue infection, pharyngeal (throat) infections and tonsillitis. This medication kills bacteria and will not work with viruses. Cefadroxil may also be used to prevent fatal complications before a dental procedure (as a prophylaxis for bacterial endocarditis).

It is essential for patients to monitor any changes in their condition and report the results to their primary care provider. If condition worsens, the physician may consider shifting to a different medication.

Caution must be considered when using this product during pregnancy. Cefadroxil is categorized as class B drug. This means animal tests failed to demonstrate a risk to the animal fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. Studies confirm that nursing women taking Cefadroxil do not pose significant adverse effects to their infants.

Cefadroxil may be purchased in the form of different brand names. Bless is manufactured in India by Briskon Laboratories.

Bless Reviews

It is interesting to note that there are no visible user reviews for Bless. It is an Indian local brand with limited availability. As no reviews have not been found online, we could not be assured about its effectiveness and quality. Moreover, manufacturer’s credibility is unknown and we are not sure about the quality of the excipients used, although, cefadroxil is an effective drug to treat urinary and respiratory infections. We suggest that you talk to your health care provider to find out more about various generic alternatives.

Pricing and Dosage

Bless (Cefadroxil) is available in 250mg and 500mg tablets. Price information for Bless tablet preparation is currently not available.

Note, that dosage may be individually tailored based on patients’ needs. Follow your physician’s prescription or leaflet instructions when determining the right dosage for this product.

The recommended adult dose is 1 or 2 grams daily as a single dose or in two divided doses. The recommended dose for children is 30 mg/kg/day as a single dose or two divided doses. It is usually taken once a day or every 12 hours (twice a day) for 7-10 days.

How to Buy Bless Online

Currently, there are no resources that give information how to purchase Bless online. You may check with your local pharmacy if Bless is available. Moreover, you may try to explore other generic alternatives that are readily available over the net.

How to Use Bless

Cefadroxil is taken by mouth with meals or milk to avoid abdominal discomfort. Do not stop taking the drug as soon as you feel that symptoms are going away. Always take your medicine on time. If you are having troubles remembering when to take the next dose, you may use an alarm and prevent skipped doses. In the event that you forgot to take a dose, take it immediately as soon as you remember it. If the skipped dose is close enough to the next dose, omit the skipped dose. Do not attempt to double dose. Shake the bottle well if you are taking the liquid form of Cefadroxil. Cefadroxil should be taken in full duration to ensure efficacy of the drug and to avoid drug resistance, unless otherwise instructed by your health care provider.

Bless Side Effects

Nausea, vomiting and similar abdominal discomforts are common when taking this product. People with existing liver conditions should pay extra caution when taking this drug, as it may cause elevated liver enzymes. Laboratory tests to evaluate kidney function should be closely monitored and coordinated with your primary care provider, as Cefadroxil may cause potential renal damage. People with known allergy to penicillin and related products should avoid taking Cefadroxil to prevent severe allergic reaction.

Although rare, you should immediately notify your physician should you experience gum bleeding, blood in the stool and urine, peeling of the skin, vaginal infection (for females), sore throat and severe skin rash and itching. These could be the signs of adverse reactions and may warrant prompt medical management.


As with all other antibiotics, Bless, with its active ingredient Cefadroxil, could be a potent drug when used diligently. It is interesting to note that Cefadroxil nowadays is less commonly prescribed, because of numerous reported cases of drug resistance. Bless is an unpopular brand of cefuroxime, and we have not been able to find any web page to buy it. In addition, no user reviews are available online. We strongly recommend you to choose another alternative brand by consulting your physician or pharmacist. A rating of 1 out of 5 is given due to the lack of reviews for Bless that would provide real-life testaments from its patients.

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