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Beyond Diet is an American based website that addresses to the most common health concern among people, obesity. This website has a unique way of dealing with the problem. It aims to promote healthier eating habits rather than asking its customers to go on a diet. This website has been functional for a long time and has been working well to promote health in United States and across borders.

There are some amazingly delicious and health food recipes available on the website. These recipes are low in calories yet delicious enough so that you enjoy a perfect meal at no expense of flavor. These recipes come from health experts who have thorough knowledge about human diet.

In addition to health recipes, there are numerous articles related to health. They mainly focus on the subject of fat loss and weight reduction. There are also advantages of these recipes mentioned alongside the recipe so that health conscious people can be satisfied.

There numerous fitness programs available at this website. Members and users can avail them according to their affordability and requirement. These programs come with recipes, health recommendations and important articles related to the customers’ problems.

The layout of the website is clean and the user interface is quite friendly. Tabs and panes make it easy to navigate and users can also create their accounts and join the website for further updates and availing fitness programs. In addition to that, the information is comprehensive and since it is reviewed by doctors and physicians, it can be termed as authentic.

The products are only sold to adults. Children and teenagers under 18 years can only avail the services with involvement of guardians and parents. Customers can contact the website for queries through telephone and email. Customers can call from 8 am to 5 pm during weekends. At the moment the telephone service is down. However, the email service is available all the time. Reviews

There are not too many customer reviews available about the website other than its own review forum. Customers reviews have been quite positive and they have shared their experience about this website. This feature automatically attracts new customers into availing services from this website.

The following review comes from a satisfied and happy customer who suggests that her body went through a complete transformation after having taken up the program at this website. Reviews

The following review cam from a happy customer who said he had gone through a weight loss as well as his waist got slimmer in no time. He says he felt energized after taking up the program. He also thanked his medical advisor for the effort and hardwork she put in. Reviews1

The review section for this website suggests that beyond diet has succeeded in its mission to provide healthier lifestyle to people. Reviews 2015

We saw what the customers had to say about this website. They seem satisfied but the question on the authenticity still remains because these reviews come from the review portal of the website itself. There are still no reviews on independent forums that might suggest the website is performing efficiently. Reviews 2015

However, review websites have had their say about the image of beyond diet. Legitscript does not recognize beyond diet. It says it doesn’t have any information about the website and therefore becomes suspicious for its services. Reviews 20151

According to, beyond diet is ranked among the top 5000 websites in US and among the top 27,000 websites around the world. It has gone through an improvement in its rankings recently.

To conclude the review section, beyond diet may be suspicious because it does not find a place in Legit Script’s directory. It should be therefore handled carefully so the customers do not face any bad consequences of ordering from this website. Coupon Codes

There are some coupon codes also available at this website. These are the center of attraction and many customers avail services from the website through these coupon codes.

  • There is a 10% Cash back guarantee on all products. It means that customers are rewarded with a 110% savings in case the products from this store fail.
  • Another 110% reward coupon is available for the customers. It expires in 2020.


Beyond diet was initiated to serve the public need of weight loss and fat reduction. It addresses to general health in United States. Customers can avail delicious recipes and from the website. They can also get a health plan of their own. However, they should consult experts before ordering from this website as the services may be doubtful. There are no customer reviews on independent review sites which make its image suspicious. It is therefore rated 2 out of 5 for its services.

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