Anorex Reviews: A Drug to Deal with Variety of Infections

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Note: The image of active ingredient of Anorex i.e. Cefuroxime is shown. The original image of the drug packaging is unavailable at manufacturer’s site or at any online pharmacy.

Anorex is an antibiotic brand with cefuroxime as its active ingredient. It is being manufactured by Scoshia Remedy Inc. – an Indian pharmaceutical products manufacturer.

Anorex is used for the treatment of numerous infections i.e. lower respiratory tract infections and ear, nose and throat infections. It is also used for the treatment of community acquired pneumonia, skin and skin structures infections and urinary tract infections. Anorex is given in the cases of uncomplicated gonorrhea, septicemia and meningitis. It is given as a preoperative precautionary measure against postoperative infections in abdominal, heart, lungs and orthopedic surgeries. Obstetric and gynecological infections are also successfully treated by Anorex.

The drug is excreted out of the body through the kidneys and proper monitoring of the kidney functions needs to be done to prevent kidney failure. The patient should be tested for any hypersensitivity reactions before drug administration. It is given with caution in pregnant women, breast feeding mothers and in elderly patients. The drug action is seen within 1 hour of drug administration.

Anorex Reviews

After doing careful analysis of this brand’s reputation we did not find any customer reviews available for Anorex. Cefuroxime, the active ingredient of Anorex, is commonly available in other brands by numerous manufacturers. The lack of reviews puts a question mark on the reliability of Anorex. Thus, it is advised for the consumers to determine the reliability of its manufacturer, Scoshia Remedy Inc. if they still want to purchase this product. Other substitutes with the same active ingredient can be taken instead. The drug is to be taken only when an experienced physician prescribes it.

Pricing and Dosages

Anorex is available in two different strength i.e. 750mg and 1500mg vials. Anorex 750mg vial is present in market for $2; the prices may vary due to the local taxes imposed.
Anorex Pricing
The dosage of the drug depends on the clinical disease diagnosed. For most infections including respiratory and urinary infections, an adult dose of 750mg to 1.5g I/V every 8 hours is given. Bacterial meningitis is treated up to 3g I/V every 8 hours. One single dose of 1.5g I/V is given for uncomplicated gonorrhea. For preoperative administration, initial dose of 1.5g I/V is given 30 minutes to 1 hour before surgery then 750mg is given every 8 hourly throughout the surgery.

How to Buy Anorex Online

Anorex is a Indian local brand and might not be available outside India. Cefuroxime is available online under many different brand names but Anorex is not easily found online to purchase.

How to Use Anorex

Anorex 750 mg enters the body through vein as injection. The injection is to be given according to the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Any sign of hypersensitivity should be immediately reported to the doctor. Over dosage of the drug needs to be avoided in order to prevent adverse effects caused by the drug.

Anorex Side Effects

Immediate hypersensitivity reaction due the drug intake takes place as soon as it is administered and can manifest as skin rash, shortness of breath, redness, facial swelling and should be immediately reported to the doctor. Local irritation with palpable, tender veins is often seen at site of injection due to repeated drug administration.

Long term adverse effects of the drug include increase in serum creatinine and urea levels which shows kidneys involvement. Changes in blood parameters are also frequently seen. A rise in liver enzymes is common in people already suffering from liver disease.


Cefuroxime is used for a variety of infections i.e. urinary tract, lower respiratory tract and skin infections. It is useful for preoperative administration to prevent postoperative infections. Gonorrhea and meningitis is also treated by administering this drug. Proper monitoring of kidney functions is to be done to avoid kidney failure.

Anorex seems a less popular drug and no user reviews have been found online claiming its efficacy or reporting any side effects. We strongly recommend you to consult your primary care physician before taking this drug as the manufacturer’s credibility is not a well known fact. This brand’s effectiveness can’t be confirmed unless it has been reviewed by real people who tried it, so on a scale of 1 to 5, the drug is rated 2. Alternative reliable drug preparations can be used after consulting with your physician or pharmacist instead of using Anorex.

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