Airol Cream 0,05% Reviews – Effective and Affordable Acne Cream

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Airol is Isotretinoin treatment manufactured by a french company Pierre Fabre Medicament Production. Airol Tretinoin is a famous name when it comes to curing acne problems. It works effectively by keeping the skin pores clear and free from impurities. It is also very useful for treating dark spots, rough skin or wrinkles on the face as caused by harmful rays of sun. It normally works by replacing the older skin with the new one. It lightens the skin by slowly removing the skin cells that have been damaged by the sun. It works best when used along with a skin care program that includes the technique of protecting the skin from the harmful sun rays. Airol aids in preventing the changes on skin caused by natural process of ageing and harmful ultraviolet rays. It is derived from vitamin A that is widely used for curing acne problems.

The manufacturer of the Airol is selling this effective cream to international users.

It is sold through several websites from where the customers can buy it without any prescription.

The active ingredient of the Airol allows users to cure the problem of acne easily at any age. It is a trustworthy product for teenagers, who are always wishing to have a pimple free skin. This product is very famous among customers because of its affordable price and effective results. It is proven to remove acne and wrinkle problems from the user’s life. The product is also very effective to prevent the formation of new comedones, whiteheads and blackheads. The product is very useful in regenerating new skin that is healthy, smooth and clear, has tight spores that regulates the production of oil.

Airol Reviews

Airol Review
Airol ReviewCustomer reviews related to the product are mostly positive.

Lisa from in the USA said “Thank you! I have ordered Airol for my daughter and it really helps her a lot in removing acne. I am also using it for myself and getting positive results. I am highly thankful to Airol for changing our life completely.” Stella from Paris said she is “100% satisfied.” Another happy customer, Althea from France said “I have regained natural beauty and the look that I used to carry at the age of 18.”

One customer complained about peeling skin because of excessive dosage, but recommended Airol and said it works much better than other similar products. Many customers appreciated the affordable prices, effectiveness and also the easy availability in online market without the requirement of prescription. In addition, a customer said use of Airol allowed him to experience numerous improvements in their skin.

A 27 year old lady from France said, “I have suffered from acne since from the age of 16. Because of it I always felt bad and low on confidence. I have tried many different acne treatment for curing it such as mask, antibiotic, and in fact Accutane as well when I was 18. I faced many side effects including hair loss, weight loss and others. I am using Airol Tretinoin since last year and this really works well for me. Now I do not have acne or bad skin. It is a fast healer that heals my acne quickly and easily without any side effects. Thanking you Airol for such great results.”

Pricing and Dosage

Airol comes in different doses such as Airol cream/gel 0.0005 of 20 grams units costs $0.58, Airol cream/gel 0.025(%) costs $0.55. Normally it is recommended to use a thin layer of the product.A little amount of Airol goes a long way. Because of the fact that it makes the skin more sensitive, many dermatologists recommend using lower dosage in the first two weeks of usage. You can increase the amount of the Airol slowly as and when required. Consulting a doctor before increasing the dosage is always a good idea.

How to Buy Airol Online

There are many sites offering this product. Online availability of this product allows users to buy it without any prescriptions. Most of the online providers also discuss the right dosage that users should take for better results. The product is available in many different sizes that allow users to buy the correct dosage or amount in accordance to their needs and preferences.

How To Use


Airol Tretinoin

Airol is very easy to use. Users just need to apply it on their skin. It gets absorbed easily. Those who are using this product should strictly follow a consistent cleaning treatment for getting the best results. Users should also use a sunscreen of at least 15 SPF during the day. Patients must use some moisturizer over the top of the Airol cream if they are using it at night. It is recommended to use a low amount of the cream to allow complete absorption.

Side Effects

Airol does not have any side effects, if used in the right amount.
Excessive dose can result in:

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Scaling
  • Irritation

Therefore, many dermatologists recommend using smaller amount . Avoid hair removal process while using Airol, it is recommended by the experts.


Airol is an affordable and effective medication for treating acne and several other common skin problems such as wrinkles and dark spots. It is a better product if compared to the other expensive acne medications available on the market. We can definitely rate this product at 4 on a 1-to-5 scale and recommend Airol to the customers of all ages. The effective ingredients of this product would surely create positive effect.

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