Review – False Promise of Superior Quality Brands
[show-testimonials taxonomy='{current_page_id}' orderby='menu_order' order='ASC' layout='grid' options='theme:card,info-position:info-above,text-alignment:left,columns:1,rating:on,charlimitextra: (...),image-size:ttshowcase_small,image-shape:circle,image-effect:none,image-link:on'] (Affordable Rx) is an online pharmacy providing both brand and generic pills. It claims to offer the best quality products at the cheapest prices online. They make further claims that they offer up to 80% off on their safe and approved pharmaceutical products. According to information provided on its website, the online pharmacy meets the highest WHO (World Health Organization) standards. is a very well-designed website, which is easy to navigate, and all information is easily accessible. It offers 24 hours online pharmacy services for consumers for six days of the week, except Fridays. It also offers a separate members login to provide extra care for their members. But behind all this, it is just a rogue online pharmacy business.

Affordable Rx Approvals and Certifications

Affordable Rx ( has made the claim on their website that they have been in this industry since 2002. However, it is alarming that being in business for over 16 years, they do not have a customer feedback area on their website. Even though they claim to have thousands of satisfied customers globally, there is not even a single customer review or testimonial on their website. They urge users to view their frequently asked questions section to find out more about their products and services. The lack of a comments, testimonials, review or otherwise feedback section is a huge step back for an established online pharmacy business, such as


Affordable Rx ScamAdviser

ScamAdviser recognizes to be involved with a high risk country. Although the site is United Kingdom based, the ownership is from within the Russian Federation. Scam Adviser gives it a fairly high rating of 76%, but it still advises caution in its usage. ScamAdviser further notes that it is not a highly viewed website with just a single digit viewership.

The website is associate with a high-risk country. The reason this is of concern is that those countries tend to have a high percentage of online frauds or the high likelihood of providing consumers with fake or replica items. So this is why, it is highly advised that consumers are well aware of these risks before placing an order with an online pharmacy website which is highly risky.

Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA)

Affordable Rx CIPA

Affordable Rx is not a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). CIPA is reputed as a highly trusted verification provider but since Affordable Rx is not a member, it has an invalid status on its membership database. Being a member of the CIPA will result in a higher likelihood for the website to expand its online pharmacy business.


Affordable Rx LegitScript

LegitScript has labeled Affordable Rx as a Rogue internet pharmacy. An online pharmacy website with such a label is harmful for its business. In addition, LegitScript mentions that it is an unapproved business which may not be practicing its business fairly. The laws and regulations of the industry maybe in violation and it may even be involved in fraud activities. Reviews


Affordable Rx truspilot
Trustpilot, a name which is often associated with the best for recognizing customer experience, is a trust calculator for online consumers. Since Affordable Rx is unclaimed as a business on Trustpilot, it holds no reviews, good or bad, for this online pharmacy which has been established for quite a few years. The lack of a presence in this platform is not good for the business owners or even the consumers.


Affordable Rx mywot
Lastly, on MyWOT, Affordable Rx is not claimed as a business either. Given that the business is unclaimed, there is no available reputation rating and the safety rating is also unknown. It is essential for a business to have a trustworthy and safety rating, but with no data to be analyzed, MyWOT is unable to provide any such ratings for

Scam Pharmacies Reporting

Trusted Pharmacies Reporting

Affordable Rx Coupon Codes

Affordable Rx is so confident of its unbeatable price offerings that it does not offer any discounts for buyers during checkout. There is no field for coupon codes, which means that it does not offer any coupon discounts either. But it does offer a small section at the bottom of the website which collects email addresses for hot deals on their products.
Affordable Rx coupon codes


It was good to see such a smooth performing website offering online pharmacy services with a higher safety rating. However, this was short-lived as the website failed to bring in positive numbers on other fields such as customer satisfaction. It would be better for business if the owners of registered with some of the review and authorization providers. But based on the current comprehensive review of this website, it can be said that this is not a safe website for consumers.

We would like to give the website a rating of 2 stars for its online pharmacy business.

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