Aetnamedicare Reviews – Find Suitable Pharmacies for 2016 at this Pharmacy Director but Beware, May Be Scam

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This website provides health plans for the patients to improve health facilities in the world. If you are looking for a service provider for health plans that cover drugs and medications as well as save you valuable money, this is just the website you should approach.

There are numerous health plans available as per the patients’ needs. These health plans are pretty versatile and customers have the options for availing the services that they want. When you want to avail a plan, you simply have to fill in your zip code and your first name. Once you have done that, the payment procedure and the cost will be conveyed to you.

Not only health plans, you can also find hospitals and doctors that can give you jus t the type of services you desire to have. You can even find dentists through this website. It makes the website quite comprehensive because it gives you more power over your selection of services.

In addition to medical professionals, you can also search for drugs and medications through this website. It only feature FDA approved medicines so it cuts off the risk of having any illegitimate medicines at its disposal.

This website is dedicated to the people of older age. People above 65 years of age can avail some comforting and efficient services from this website. The health plans keep them of the worries of visiting hospitals frequently and paying extra amount every time.

To learn further about the dynamics of health plans, customers can directly contact the agents for the site through telephone. Reviews

This website has been reviewed a lot by the users. Regardless of the polarity of the reviews, it can be said that this website has reached customers quite well. As far as the reviews are concerned, they are mostly negative and suggest that the services are not the best from this website. Several customers complained about the health plans which they took up. Reviews

According to the following review, the customer complained that Aetna denied their request for insurance even after they had met all the requirements. They said that their work can continue only if surgery is conducted. Therefore, they seem pretty upset and disappointed by the website. Reviews1

Another reviewer suggests that their request for insurance was not approved. They had ear infection but sadly no company including Aetna had given an ear to help them out.

The review section suggests that there is too much negativity about this website on cyber platforms. It creates doubts in minds of a person who might have been thinking to avail the health plans. Reviews 2015

For the year 2015, there are still not too many positive reviews from the customers. It looks like the website is very selective in providing health plans and accepting insurance requests from the customers. The following review from an independent website suggests that is a scam site. It seems to violate standard procedures in a way. Reviews 2015

Another angry customer suggests that Aetna started billing them from December where the plan was due to start in January. It gave an impression that they are just after the money. Having given a due thought, he cancelled the health plan to avoid further damage. Reviews 20151

The review section for this website doesn’t tell a pretty story if you are an Aetna fan. These reviews contain complaints and angry sentiments from the customers. Therefore, a common sense recommendation would be to avoid this website and look for alternatives. There are also a few suspicions of the website being a scam. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes and discount offers on health plans can be a plus point and a marketing tool. However, there are no such offers to be found either on the website or anywhere else. It could be that the website is in process of coming up with new coupon codes and plans but as for now, there are no coupon codes on offer.

Conclusion is an online health insurance website that provides health plans and services such as finding a doctor, hospital and prescription etc. Especially people above 65 years of age can take maximum advantage out of this website. However, despite the claims of having such good services, the customer reviews tell the other side of the story which is quite an eye opener for those who were willing to buy health plans from this website. It looks like a scam site and therefore it is better to avoid it to save both time and money. It is rated 1.5 out of 5.

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