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RxStars ratingFounded to help online shoppers get their meds from the right pharmacies, RxStars puts a lot of focus on researching a wide range of online pharmacies. After testing the pharmacies’ customer support, shipping methods, payment process, and medication quality, we put together detailed guides that help our readers differentiate genuine pharmacies from phonies. 

Having impressive web designs and promising low pricing, fake online pharmacies seem too good to ignore. Since 2013, we have been investing our time and resources in vetting thousands of pharmacies, separating the 5-star drugstores from fraudulent websites that only carry impressive pictures with nothing in stock. 

While generic drugs are supposed to offer the same benefits as brand-name drugs, some generic pills are manufactured by sub-standard companies. This results in substandard meds, most of which have heavy side effects. 

RxStars ExpertsWorking with a team of medical professionals, we test different generic drugs just to ensure their effectiveness, safety, and reliability. We look into the manufacturer’s certifications and manufacturing procedures. 

For a drug to be worthy of your trust, it should have FDA approval and be produced by a company that follows the GMP, WHO, and ISO principles and guidelines. We help you avoid being fooled by impressive packaging and the trendy names often printed on second-rate generic meds. 

It is our goal to keep you on the right side of the law when ordering meds. We also want to ensure that you won’t be taking medications the wrong way. We check into different generic meds to determine whether they need a prescription or they can be purchased as over the counter pills. 

RxStars has answers to almost every health question. With all our answers going through a rigorous review process, our readers are guaranteed of actionable advice in all our reviews, articles, and guides.

About John Powell

John (and his team) are well known for their great skills of gathering and processing of huge amount of information on the web. Their reviews represent the general background as well as customer feedback of the subject.