247DrugsShop Reviews – Complete and Utter Fraud

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247drugsshop.com is an online pharmacy. It primarily deals with medicine related to sexual issues. The company`s address is Sokolowski 131/86 186 00 Praha 8 – Karlin, Czech Republic. The company has both US and European numbers.

Apart from that, you will find no real information on the website about this company or its employs. Yes, the company doesn’t feel like sharing anything else with its users. We researched the site inside out, and we found no real information. This is odd but very common with fraudulent cases. But before we conclude, we would like to research more and see what the internet has to stay about it.

247drugsshop.com Approvals and Certifications

ScamAdviser checking

247DrugsShop Scamadviser

ScamAdviser did an excellent job. It provided us with thorough information about this pharmacy and, declared it a fraud. Yes, ScamAdviser clearly says 247drugsshop.com is a fraud, and it will rob you. The company sells counterfeit product and lies to its customer.

CIPA checking

247DrugsShop cipa

CIPA is among the highly recognized pharmacy checkers. We had to search for 247drugsshop.com within its database and find what this checker has to say about it. To our surprise, it had little to no information about the drug store, and this concerns us. The Canadian International Pharmacy Association is the highest regarded pharmacy checker for companies based in Canada.

LegitScript checking

247DrugsShop Legitscript

LegitScript clearly states 247drugsshop.com as a Rogue website. The store failed to live up to its verification process. LegitScrip suggests people stay away from this fraud.

PharmacyChecker checking

The PharmacyChecker has no mention of 247drugsshop.com. Yes, it is a reputed checker, and we are surprised to see it has nothing on 247DrugsShop. We hope it’s the first and last site with no information on this online pharmacy.

247drugsshop.com Reviews

Trustpilot checking

This is not uncommon. We often find our portals have next to no information about online business. But what impression does it leave? For starters, it shows the company is not as famous as it claims to be, and secondly, every naysayer doesn’t review it. Therefore, the company should step up its game. We will give our thoughts in conclusion.

247DrugsShop Trustpilot

WOT checking

WOT gave 247drugsshop.com an abysmal review. Yes, it gave this online pharmacy 3/100 for trustworthiness and 5/100 for Child Safety. There are a total of 5 client reviews on WOT that aren’t saying anything positive as well.

According to WOT, you should stay away from this pharmacy as it indulges itself in poor practices. It sells counterfeit products at exaggerated rates. Plus is no customer service, it would seem like the company would rip off the user of their money, and leave them alone. This isn’t the best business practice.

247DrugsShop wot

247drugsshop.com Google Reviews

247drugsshop.com isn’t registered as a business to begin with. Therefore, it was already hard to find anything relevant. However, we are surprised to see there was nothing while we search for Google Review. Our search revealed nothing but dead silence. Google doesn’t have any reviews of this shop.

247drugsshop.com Coupon Codes

If you want to throw your money away by buying a fake product from a scam pharmacy, then check coupons. They can help you save somewhere between 10-15 percent off your purchase.

Considering everything we came across, this is the only positive thing about 247drugsshop.com.

Trusted Pharmacies Reporting

Scam Pharmacies Reporting


Do you want us to lay it out for you? 247drugsshop.com is a fraud! Stay away from it. We are not saying it only based on what the different portals say (given if they had something on 247DrugsShop.com). No, we are suggesting it’s a fake by considering user reviews and using the service one ourselves.

The delivery is poor, the packaging is worst, and they didn’t deliver the product we ordered, or at least what was shown in the picks. The customer service is no existent because (we believe) the company hired no representative. So, in the end, we will suggest you steer clear of it.

At the end of our review, we rate 247drugsshop.com on 1 star.

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