Apetamin Syrop and Pills Reviews: Anti Allergic Drug from Unreliable Source with Some Side Effects

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Apetamin, manufactured by Tablets (India) Limited, is an anti-allergy drug, which is used to treat all kinds of allergic reactions, including skin swelling, watery eyes, allergic rhinitis; itchy skin in eczema, redness and tenderness of the skin.

It is sometimes given in cases of chickenpox to decrease the itching due to an extensive skin involvement. After an insect bite all the symptoms are similar to an allergic reaction and thus, Apetamin is useful for treating insect bite. In cases of decreased appetite, it acts as an appetite stimulant. In old age, the drug is given as a preventive measure in cases of migraine and headaches caused by underlying vascular causes. The breast feeding mothers, pregnant ladies and newborn are to avoid this drug because of its harmful effects. The drug works by blocking the histamine release in the body that causes allergic reaction and symptoms.

The manufacturer of this brand is a locally known Indian company, but no presence in overseas market was claimed at its own website. We also have not been able to discover its achievement in international arena.

Apetamin Reviews

After a detailed web research we have come up with zero reviews available online for this drug. Without reviews reporting about the drug’s efficacy and side effects, it is hard to recommend this brand for prospective users. Although, the active ingredient cyproheptadine is an effective drug to treat allergic reactions, the other ingredients used in this tablet’s composition are unknown that can affect your health. When no reviews are found online, we recommend you to take extra care by consulting a doctor before consuming it. Choosing a well known popular brand with the same active ingredient is a wiser option.

Pricing and Dosage

Apetamin comes in the form of syrup which has 2mg of active ingredient, Cyproheptadine, in every 5ml. This 5ml forms one unit of the syrup and the syrup is sold in 200ml bottles. A 200ml syrup bottle is available at the price of $0.80.
Apetamin Pricing
An adult dose of 12 to 16 mg is given in cases of allergic reactions. It is given in 3 to 4 divided doses per day. A dosage of 32 mg per day is the maximum dose that can be given and should not be exceeded in any case. For preventive use in cases of migraine and other vascular headaches, a dose of 4mg is required with the same maintenance dose throughout the treatment regime. A dose of 0.5mg per kg per day is the highest dosage that can be given and over dosage is to be prevented in all cases.

How to Buy Apetamin Online

Apetamin, in cases of self-prescription, is available on the online drug stores and can be bought easily. We recommend you to consult your doctor before taking it.

How to Use Apetamin

Apetamin is to be taken bymouth either with or without water. Taking it with food greatly decreases the chances of any stomach upset. The prescribed dose is to be followed strictly in order to prevent any side effects.

The patients who have known hypersensitivity to the active ingredient present in the syrup are not to use this drug. Every case is first to be checked for hypersensitivity before starting treatment. In cases of gastrointestinal obstruction, urinary retention, raised eye pressure and asthma, the drug is not to be given what so ever being the condition.

Apetamin Side Effects

The drug causes gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea and dry mouth. Drowsiness, ataxia, confusion and weight gain are other side effects of this drug. The dosage as prescribed by doctor or as mentioned on leaflet of the drug, in cases of self-prescription, is not to be exceeded.


Apetamin is an excellent anti allergic drug which is used to treat all kinds of allergic reactions i.e. skin rashes, allergic rhinitis, insect bites and itching in cases of chickenpox. The elderly people are given this drug for prophylaxis against migraine and other vascular headaches. It is absolutely contraindicated in cases of stomach obstruction, urinary retention and asthma. This drug should not be administered in lactating mothers, pregnant ladies and newborns. As after long investigation on the web no user reviews for this drug were found, the drug gets 1 on a scale of 1 to 5 for its reliability. It is highly recommended that you should look for another trusted brand after consulting your doctor.

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